Manic Monday!

Hi Everyone and I hope you all had a great weekend!

For those of you that had read about my lost wallet while at the Jersey shore, I can report that I have had an encounter with an honest thief! I arrived home on Wednesday afternoon to a package. Inside the package was my wallet, now granted they had taken all of my cash including the change not leaving me a penny, but then threw my wallet in the mailbox. There was a note attached from the post office that they had found it in the outgoing mail. I actually was excited to have my wallet back.

On to Manic Monday….

I originally was reading

but, I am finding it very difficult to hold my attention, so I am currently reading:



FYI…..Our local Borders Books is going out of business, my husband and I took a trip to the store yesterday and we found some really great deals. So if you have not checked your local store recently, you should. There are a lot of good books left, all 60%-80% off!

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