Wild Child by Mike Wells Review and Character Interview



“He watched her play for a few minutes, knowing that she was happier than he had ever seen her in his life. A lump formed in his throat. “Brie?” he said softly. She stopped splashing. “Yeah?” “I love you.”

Wow, this book was really unique and intriguing.

Kyle and Brie are nineteen years old. They had met in tenth grade and now are in college. Brie is kind of crazy and always likes to push the envelope. Kyle’s dad is not really fond of her, he thinks she is a bad influence on Kyle. They are not technically together, but they are more than friends.

One day while out on the lake in Kyle’s dad’s boat, Brie decides it would be a good idea to take a swim over to the cliffs. Kyle does not think it is a great idea, but he agrees. Halfway there, a speedboat comes and heads directly towards Brie. Kyle is frantic especially when he cannot find her.  He searches and searches and decides to go back to the boat. After he is in the boat for a few minutes, he hears her trying to climb the ladder. She looks full of energy except for the scar accross her stomach.

Brie had stumbled upon something that the government soon wants to get involved in. As Kyle is fighting to save himself and Brie, he ends up getting deeper and deeper in trouble.

Mike Wells is a fantastic writer and really knows how to capture the readers attention. The book was a short read and in the end, I was wanting more! I really have my fingers crossed that he will be writing a sequel.

Character Interview:

Could you please tell our readers your name and if you have a nickname?

 My name is Kurt Dunlap.  I don’t really have a nickname, but sometimes Briana calls me “snooze”.  When she thinks I’m boring.  Which is usually when she wants to do some crazy thing that could get us both killed.

 How old are you?


 Describe yourself to me.

 Me?  I’m just an ordinary guy, trying to get by.  I study engineering at State.  Mechanical engineering.  I can’t say I’m really into it, though.  It was mostly my dad’s idea.

 Can you tell us a little about your friends/boyfriend?

 Boyfriend?  Come on!  I might have a girlfriend, but I’m not sure what Brianna would say about that.  You should ask her that question.  I’d really like to hear the answer.

 If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

 Hm….I guess I’d like to be wilder, like Brie.  But I don’t like taking chances.  Big chances, I mean.  She goes too far.  Sometimes I think she has a death wish.

 Can you tell us what the oddest thing that has ever happened to you was?

 Ha, that’s easy!  It was the time Brianna got hit by the speedboat.  That was horrible.  I was sure she was dead.  What happened afterwards was even more bizarre.  I…if you don’t mind, I don’t want to talk about it.

 Do you get along with your parents? What are they like?

 My mom died when I was eleven.  She was beautiful, and very kind to me.  About my dad, he’s pretty much an asshole.  He’s one of those dads who says, “Oh, I don’t care what career you choose, Kyle, as long as you’re happy.”  But then he finds something wrong with every career except the one he wants you to choose.  And he hates all my friends.  Especially Brianna.  He thinks she’s a…well, I won’t say it.  He’s wrong about her.

 One last fun question, what is in your refrigerator right now?

 It’s my dad’s refrigerator, not mine.  There’s all that stinky health food stuff he eats, and a nice greasy piece of leftover pizza that I’m getting ready to go wolf down.

A special thank you goes out to Mike Wells for providing the book for this review and also a great big thanks for introducing us to Kyle!


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