The Bad, The Good and Two Fly-Fishing Women by Randy Kadish

“Sometimes God hides fear from us when He needs to. Sometimes-Amanda you got real courage. Maybe you’ll never need a drink.”

Randy had emailed me to ask if I would review this story for him, normally, I enjoy paranormal YA, but I decided “sure” . The story was a short read, although, longer than a short story.

The story is told in the first person by Amanda, the main character. She is remembering back to her childhood when her mother had left and her grandmother had stayed with them. The story was mainly about one day in particuliar, June 21st. Amanda’s mother was an addict and her parents use to fight all the time. Her mother eventually left without telling where she was going or how to contact her. Amanda had blamed herself thinking that she had done something wrong. Her grandfather had passed away and her grandmother decided to move in and help take care of her. Amanda’s family are really into fly fishing and have passed the love for it down to her. Her grandmother teaches her everything she knows. Eventually Amanda’s grandmother falls ill with cancer. The rest of the story focuses on one day that Amanda had probably learned more about life in than any other day. It shows her feelings and tells of different characters that she interacts with on this day.

This was a lovely read. It focused on the love of family and how the love of a shared activity can bring a family together and help their memory to live on. Thank you to Randy for sharing this story with me!


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