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In the Storm by Karen Metcalf Review and Character Interview

“I know he went hunting. Maybe we’ll get lucky, and he’ll shoot himself in the head.

Or maybe a buddy will pull a Dick Cheney.”


Carly’s Mother left her and her little brother, Mitch to the hands of her evil stepfather, Richard. Richard is an alcoholic and he shows the kids no mercy. Carly and Mitch end up walking around on pins and needles, hoping to just stay hidden behind the shadows and not be noticed by Richard. He enjoys seeing them miserable and he enjoys making them cry. He is just very abusive and a horrible person.

One evening after Carly is so angry with Richard, she is transported to another world. She thinks that she is dreaming, but soon is told that she is not. This world is unlike any other that she has seen, with purple skies and grey sand. She starts visiting this world more often and tries to find out answers to questions about her future, but what she finds out, may not be exactly what she is looking for.

This book was a very short read. I was mesmerized from the beginning by this alternate world that was created.

***Small Spoiler Alert*****

I LOVED the ending! Right before I read the last page, I was like…wait?? Where does J.L. fit into all of this??? Awww….Morgan…*swoon*!! 

Character Interview:

Could you please tell our readers your name and if you have a nickname?

 Hi, my name is Carly Matthews.

 How old are you?

 I am sixteen years old.

 Describe yourself to me.

 I consider myself your pretty average teen, though I grew up in a pretty difficult situation.  I don’t get out much, or have many hobbies. The most important thing in my life is my younger brother, Mitchell, who’s five years old.

 Can you tell us a little about your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend?

 Well, there’s nothing official, but I have recently met someone new…

 If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

 I think I could benefit from a little anger management, and control my emotions a little better. Sometimes they get the best of me.  Though this is outside of my control, I would really like to change our horrible living situation.

 Can you tell us what the oddest thing that has ever happened to you was?

 Well, recently when I get really angry, I sort of click over to this place I never would have imagined existed.  A storm world.  Apparently it is a place in between dimensions.  It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen… and I don’t mind the company.

 Do you get along with your parents? What are they like?

 I don’t have either parent in my life.  My father passed away years ago, and my mother just walked out one day, leaving us with an abusive drunk step-father, Richard.  He is the only “family” we have.  He’s a prick.

 One last fun question, what is in your refrigerator right now?

 Truthfully, probably just Richard’s beer.  But I do think Mitch and I still have some M&Ms hidden in there somewhere.

I would like to thank Karen Metcalf for joining us here today and introducing us to Carly!! Also, for giving me a review copy of this story to review here on this blog for all of you:)


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