The Jewel and the Key by Louise Spiegler

Publish Date: July 11, 2011

Publisher: Clarion Books

Received: From publisher in exchange for a review.

Purchase: Amazon

Blurb from Goodreads:

An earthquake and the discovery of a mysterious antique mirror unleash forces that jolt sixteen-year-old Addie McNeal back to 1917 Seattle, just as the United States is entering World War I. Addie finds herself shuttling back and forth between past and present, drawn in both times to the grand Jewel Theater. In both decades the existence of the Jewel is threatened and war is looming . . . and someone she cares about is determined to fight.

Eventually, Addie realizes that only she has the key to saving the Jewel—and the lives of her friends. But will she figure out how to manipulate the intricately woven threads of time and truly set things right?

My Review:

I really do not consider myself a true lover of historical fiction, but, I loved this book!

The storyline was great! All the twists and turns right up until the end. Can you imagine looking into a mirror and then being transported to another time? I felt bad for Addie for falling for Reg and had high hopes of her and Whaler getting together. A few times, it was mentioned how much Reg reminded her of Whaler. I guess they truly were like brother and sister.

I really enjoyed the look back to World War One that Ms. Spiegler had given us. It was interesting to see what the people’s thoughts and fears were especially with the war looming over all of our heads today.

If you believe that you enjoy historical fiction, or even if you are not sure, I highly recommend this book! I really cannot express how it had kept my interest all the way until the end.



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