The Hollow by Jessica Verday & Dirty Blood Winner Revealed!

“Are you going to be all right now? No more tears? I don’t know how to handle crying girls. Every time my five-year-old sister turns on the waterworks, I end up buying her a Barbie. You don’t need a new Barbie, do you?”

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Publish Date: September 1, 2009

Received: Via a book swap

Purchase a copy: Amazon

Goodreads Blurb:

I watched out and touched the casket lid. It was cold. So cold that I immediately snatched my hand away. It almost felt like it had burned me.
I just stood there. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything… not out loud, at least. But a thousand thoughts raged inside my head, while a thousand feelings raged inside my heart.
The weather mimicked my emotions. A fierce wind rattled by, howling in outrage. The edges of the plastic awning flapped angrily against the aluminum poles holding it up and made a horrible ringing sound. Even the rain pounded harder, lashing out its bitterness.
And that was when I felt someone watching me.

My Review:

I loved the storyline for this book. The setting was located in a creepy cemetery surrounded by The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Yes, Headless Horseman and all.

I was saddened for Abbey when she lost her best friend. Her sadness puts her into a depression and the only person that could pull her out of it was Caspian. Ahh…Caspian, how dreemy..literally! I knew their relationship was doomed when he would only meet her in the cemetary. I was not a big fan of his at first, but the more that I read, the more I started to like him.

The cast of characters in this book were zany. From Nikolas and Katy, the undertakers at the cemetary, to Ben, a friend from school. They all have their little quirks and you find out all of your suspicions by the end of the book. Except for Ben, whom I still do not trust either!

It took me a while to actually get into this book. It started off kind of slow and there were some lulls, but I ended up finishing it. I can’t wait to start the next book in the trilogy, The Haunted.

“At that moment – in that small, concise, perfectly clear moment of time – I knew. It was that moment I fell in love with him. It actually caused me to stop, and time froze for just a second. But that feeling was so right, and so strong, that I knew I wasn’t wrong.”

Dirty Blood Winner:


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