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 “Story introduction from series author D.C. Grace”:

Fiction is about to have a new breed of characters never before featured! The Amethyst Dragon series will introduce you to a whole new brand of creatures, called Dragon Fae. Making their home in Avalon, Dragon Fae are half dragon and half fairy. They are rare creatures, and are the chosen protectors of the fairy realm, as well as humans in the mortal realm. Dragon Fae can take on the form of a dragon, but when in fairy form they do not have wings.
Lisa’s Review of Dragon Wings, Book One of The Amethyst Dragon Series:
I have read Dragon Wings thanks to an advanced copy by the author D.C. Grace.  I strongly recommend this book when it becomes available (stay tuned to release date on the Facebook page!) to everyone who enjoys reading about everlasting love and believes that chivalry is not dead! It is very hard to sit here and try to come up with a short summary of this book because I do not think that is possible!  Ms. Grace has done such a fantastic job with bringing the readers into the world of the fae!  The detail is  just astonishing.  My favorite character has to be the male lead, Dade Blue-Therror.  I love the way she has written his character. The way he speaks is bound to make every female reader swoon! 

As the debut book of a new series, Dragon Wings will have you hooked from the very beginning.  There is never much of a “lull” in the story or a dull moment, so be prepared for the ride of your life! I do not want to give too much information away because I want the readers to be as drawn in as I was.  Again, I just highly recommend that everyone be on the lookout for this brand new series.
While everyone is waiting for this book to come out they should read D.C.’s other book series called The Guardian Series.  Books one and two are available now. The Sacred Oath is the first book and Season of Destruction is the second book.  I will be updating my blog with information pertaining to The Amethyst Dragon Series soon and of course when the book comes out! I have also attached a picture of the book cover for Dragon Wings! There will also be a book trailer available soon.  This will be announced on the The Amethyst Dragon Series facebook page!

Visit The Amethyst Dragon Series Facebook Fanpage.
Website for the series is coming soon. It will be posted on my blog and Facebook when it is ready.

Blogger Q&A:

How long ago did you start your blog?

 I started my blog somewhere around the middle of June of this year.

 Why did you decide to start a blog?

 I really enjoy reading.  You can say that I am addicted to reading!  I think I always have something to read.

 How did you choose your blog name?

 I was just doing some brainstorming one day and as I was putting the blog together, I came up with the name.  I guess also because I REALLY love to read!

 Lightening Round:

 Ebook or hard copy?

 Ebook unless I have the personally signed hard copy.

 Chocolate or Vanilla?

 Chocolate, no contest!

 Winter or Summer?


 Favorite Author?

 D.C. Grace

 What are you reading now?

 My Soul to Take (Soul Screamers #1)

 *Thank you Lisa, for sharing your review with us and taking the time to answer our questions!!!

So, go on over and check out Lisa’s Blog!!!



  1. Come over to the FB page and check it out, Colleen! We’re about to turn modern fiction on its head with the characters in The Amethyst Dragon series! We have plenty of pictures from the book trailer shoot and lots of sneak peeks between the pages of Dragon Wings. I think you’ll enjoy it!
    ~Author DC Grace


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