Falling Under by Gwen Hayes

“You obviously know I’m not like other girls. I’m shy and I don’t spend time with boys. My father is strict and—”

“That’s not why.”

He thought he knew me so well.

“Fine. You tell me why I haven’t been kissed.”
I regretted the words and my tone instantly. What if he told me what I already knew? That I was lacking. Not interesting or pretty enough.

“You were waiting.”

Published by New American Library

Published on March 11, 2011

Received via purchase

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Theia Alderson has always led a sheltered life in the small California town of Serendipity Falls. But when a devastatingly handsome boy appears in the halls of her school, Theia knows she’s seen Haden before- not around town, but in her dreams.

As the Haden of both the night and the day beckons her closer one moment and pushes her away the next, the only thing Theia knows for sure is that the incredible pull she feels towards him is stronger than her fear.

And when she discovers what Haden truly is, Theia’s not sure if she wants to resist him, even if the cost is her soul.

My Review:

This book was absolutely amazing! Ms. Hayes created an alternate world which was frightening yet intriguing.

My favorite part of the book was reading about the underworld. The characters were absolutely alarming and it seemed really like something out of nightmares. It threw in just a hint of a spooky twist on the whole story.

You have got to love these characters. I must say that Donny, one of Theia’s BFF’s, was my favorite. Of course she was, with her spunky attitude and not having any kind of filter from her brain to her mouth. You never knew what was going to come out of her next. I loved it!

The romance drew me in completely. I enjoyed that these two wayward characters, Theia and Hayden, were drawn to each other. I also loved that they were trying to save each other at the same time.

Although I enjoyed this book, it seemed to drag on a bit before actually getting to the ending. I cannot wait to read the next in the series, Dreaming Awake due out in January, 2012. The cover is as beautiful as the first book.

“He walked backwards a few more steps and brought Brittany’s hand to his lips without taking his eyes off me.
My hand tingled where he kissed her.
And the bastard knew it.”



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