2011 · November

Daughters Of Eve by Lois Duncan & Giveaway Winner Announced!

“It was crazy to depend on other people, to let them be important to you.  All it did was make you stupid and vulnerable and blind to reality.”

Originally published in 1979. Republished, October 3, 2011

Copy of audiobook given by Hachette audio for this review.

Rating: 5 stars!

The girls at Modesta High School feel like they’re stuck in some anti-feminist time warp-they’re faced with sexism at every turn, and they’ve had enough. Sponsored by their new art teacher, Ms. Stark, they band together to form the Daughters of Eve. It’s more that a school club-it’s a secret society, a sisterhood. At first, it seems like they are actually changing the way guys at school treat them. But Ms. Stark urges them to take more vindictive action, and it starts to feel more like revenge-brutal revenge. Blinded by their oath of loyalty, the Daughters of Eve become instruments of vengeance. Can one of them break the spell before real tragedy strikes?

 My Review:

 I can honestly say that I think this has been my favorite audiobook that I have listened to so far. The narrator’s voice was awesome. I was able to distinguish between all of the characters that were speaking. She really was able to get her voice to sound just like the guys. I was in awe and mesmerized. I wanted to do nothing but listen to this book from beginning to end.

The book starts off introducing each character and it does not take the listener long to realize all of their different situations. Next, we are introduced to The Daughters of Eve society at their monthly meeting. Daughters of Eve is a national organization that holds fundraisers, dances and raffles to raise money for their school. You need to be invited by invitation only and the club is very exclusive. It is considered an honor to be invited.

“I pledge myself to the spirit of sisterhood–and to warmth of friendship.  I promise to do my best–as a member of the Daughters of Eve– to follow the code of loyalty, love and service–laid out for womankind since time’s beginning–and to divulge to no one words spoken in confidence–within this sacred circle.”

The listener needs to remember that this book was originally published in 1979 when it was believed that a womans “place” was in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. So, there are a lot of feminist aspects to the writing. The twist of the story begins when one of the “sisters” is hurt by a boy at school. The rest of the club decides to take matters into their own hands. They begin to believe that all men are against woman and it does not take very long for the situation to spiral out of control.

At first, I was not really bothered by what the girls were doing. Pete actually had it coming and I agree that they should have taken Niles down with him. But, as the story went on, I could tell that it was only getting worse! I have to give kudos to Tammy for sticking up for herself!

My favorite part is that the author does not let the reader hanging and actually lets us know what had happened a couple of years down the line after the fact. It was interesting to hear what turn each character took with their lives and if their time with the Daughters of Eve had impacted them at all and their decisions.

In conclusion, I would just like to tell the boys out there to beware! Never cross a bunch of girls, you never know what could happen:) LOL If you are looking for a great read and would like to gain back some confidence in woman, this is the book for you!

The Kissing Tree Winner:

Thank you to all that entered the contest!

The winner of a copy of The Kissing Tree is……





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