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 Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Note:  My rating is more like 4 and a half. 

The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud tells the haunting story of a young man who narrowly survives a terrible car wreck that kills his little brother. Years later, the brothers’ bond remains so strong that it transcends the normal boundaries separating life and death. Charlie St. Cloud lives in a snug New England fishing village. By day he tends the lawns and monuments of the ancient cemetery where his younger brother, Sam, is buried. Graced with an extraordinary gift after surviving the accident, he can still see, talk, and even play catch with Sam’s spirit. But townsfolk whisper that Charlie has never recovered from his loss.

Into his carefully ordered life comes Tess Carroll, a captivating, adventuresome woman training for a solo sailing trip around the globe. Fate steers her boat into a treacherous storm that blows her back to harbor, to a charged encounter with Charlie, and to a surprise more overwhelming than the violent sea itself. Charlie and Tess discover a beautiful and uncommon connection that leads to a race against time and a desperate choice between death and life, between the past and the future, between holding on and letting go.

Luminous, soulful, and filled with unforgettable characters, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud is one of those rare, wise books that reveal the mysteries of the unseen world around us, gently transforming the worst pain of loss into hope, healing, and even laughter. Suspenseful and deeply moving, its startling climax reminds us that sometimes tragedies can bring about miracles if we simply open our hearts.

Sara’s Review:

The perfect word for this book in my opinion is: beautiful. The writing style, storyline, plot development, everything was just beautiful. This book is about the hereafter, what happens after death. Charlie St. Cloud had experienced that for a few moments, until a paramedic had brought him back to life. Sadly Same, his younger brother didn’t survive. But ever since then Charlie has been able to see Sam, who is stuck in the inbetween of death and the ‘next level’, and other spirits. He can even play catch with Sam. At the beginning I was a little confused when he talked to some other spirits, because it wasn’t clearly stated they were dead until later. But I think that was done on purpose to sort of explain to readers how Charlies gift seemed to work.

The relationship between Sam and Charlie is very strong and is what should be (or what parents hope for) a bond between all brothers and sisters. But then comes Tess Carrol, Charlie’s new love interest. But when she steps into his life, boy do things get complicated. Well they always do, isn’t that how all love stories seem to be? Anyway from there things tend to get complicated and slightly confusing as to what is going on? Not like the plot makes no sense and turns out to be patheticly confusing, but confusing in the way an author and reader want to be confused so the book is interesting. Now if I say more I’m gonna give way too much away.  And what’s a bigger plus point, that even though this story was kinda a romance I actually liked it and normally it really takes a lot for a love story type novel/romance to impress me.
Anyway I would have given this book a five but there was this really mature scene (well duh it’s gonna have it cause it’s a mature book!) where Charlie and Tess like um. . . yeah you can guess for yourself. I wasn’t really expecting it and I kinda read it when I was in class and my face just went bright red and it was embarassing. Other than that Ben Sherwood is a talented author and I need to see the movie for this book! Oh and I’m listening to music right now and Rhythm of Love by The Plain White T’s started playing and I think it’d be the perfect song for Tess and Charlie’s relationship. Look it up, wonderful song.


Blogger Q&A:

How long ago did you start your blog?

            I started my blog in July of this year.

Why did you decide to start a blog?

            I was inspired by a lot of other blogs I saw, and thought it was a pretty cool way to tell people about books.

How did you choose your blog name?

           I wanted to say my blog wasn’t a full-on, 100% book blog. I wanted it to say it’d have other random things. And I’m pretty random. And booky! So the name         Random and Booky!

 Lightening Round:

 E-book or hard copy?

          Hard copy

 Chocolate or Vanilla?

         Chocolate no contest

 Winter or Summer?

         Winter. I love snow! And it gives me a reason to stay inside a lot.

 Favorite Author?

        Catherine Gilbert Murdock, author of Dairy Queen.

 *Thank you Sara for sharing yourview with us and taking the time to answer our questions!!!

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