Blindsided (With the Band) by Sayer Adams

Kindle Edition

Published March 16, 2011

Rating: 3 Stars

Can two people who can’t overcome their own pasts help each other move on and find happiness? When a disillusioned rock star is confronted by an anxiety ridden travel writer, he has a week to prove he’s not one of the bad boys she’s sworn off. But first he has to convince himself and find out why she’s running herself into the ground by running around the world.

Chelsea Spencer is a travel writer who has spent the last six years traveling at a punishing pace that leaves little time for food or sleep. When her body shuts down in the Australian Outback, her doctors give her strict orders to stay put for two months. Chelsea complies by staying in Seattle with her brother, but for Chelsea, stopping is more hazardous than running. Old anxiety and panic fueled by feelings of helplessness flood Chelsea when her mind isn’t otherwise occupied and the months seem like torture. All she wants is to get back on the road without any further complications – like a broken heart.


My Review:

I love this cover. Any man with tattoos is swoonworthy in my book. It must be the fact that I love bad boys?? Luckily, my husband has a few tatts to keep me occupied;) LOL!

The story is told from several characters POV’s. Mainly from Nate & Chelsea, but the writer threw in a couple of others too. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book. I like to get an idea of whom each character is and it is much easier to do while reading their thoughts and feelings.

Chelsea is a travel writer and she has been heart-broken many times. She, too, loves the bad boys, which we all know that most of the time bad boys are only in it for one thing… Any who, she only has one night stands and does not get her heart involved at all. Until she literally lands on Nate’s doorstep. With one evening, that all changes!

Nate is singer in a rock band. He is 12 years older than Chelsea and is highly irritated when she comes knocking on his door. He thinks she is a fan and is very arrogant towards her. But once he realizes her innocence, he makes her an offer and convinces her to take it.

The relationship between these two is exhausting. He is trying to save her and she is not willing to give herself over to him wholly. They have their ups and downs and eventually seem to come together.

Although we get a glimpse into the mind of each character, I still did not feel connected to either of them. I wanted to love this book more, but for me, it was just okay. I was expecting Nate to be a little more “bad boy” but he was really a huge teddy bear. I did not get the bad boy vibe from him.

One character that I would have liked to get to know better is Chelsea’s mother! I would have loved to have her POV. She was so nasty and critical. She also was a major player in the book and part of the reason Chelsea is so screwed up.

The book had a good storyline, 2 strangers coming together from an attraction and actually falling in love. I just wish it was more:( There were also a lot of grammatical errors and missing words.

“Look, sweetheart,” he said as leaned against the doorframe, “Why don’t you just tell me why you’re here. If you just want an autograph and promise not to tell anyone where you found me, fine. Anything else and you can forget it.”


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