I Need To Rant……

I will apologize ahead of time for this rant!!!!

Bloggers Beware!

I have recently been tipped off to another blogger that has been copying reviews and writing them off as her own. LITERALLY, word for word! I would not have believed it if I did not see it with my own two eyes! When I saw my post, I decided to go on a little scavenger hunt on her blog…..

Guess what?? Every book review on her blog was stolen from either other blogs or Amazon! I did some quick work and made some screen shots, but only made it back to December 2011. All of the people that were stolen from have been notified and her blog has been taken down. All of her reviews have been removed on Goodreads as well.

The thing that cracks me up is that our conversation went like this…


Hi Jaime,

My name is Heather and I run NightlyReading. It has come to my attention recently that your review for BLEEP and my review of BLEEP have some MAJOR similarities. I have taken it upon myself to look through your blog and do a little research of my own. I have discovered that ALL of your reviews are VERY similar to other bloggers reviews.
I am not sure of how long you have been blogging, but, let me give you some advice. Bloggers take their reviewing VERY seriously. Plagiarism in the blogging world is just as serious as in the book world. Can you imagine if an author stole another author’s work and published it as their own? This is exactly what you have done in this situation. When an author gives you a review copy and you accept it, you are expected to actually read the book and give your honest opinion in return. This is exactly what gives bloggers a bad name.
This is what I am asking of you…
1. Please remove your blog. It is basically made up of fake reviews anyway.
2. Please remove all of your reviews from Goodreads.
I am giving you until tomorrow at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard time to do so. If not, I will then report you to goodreads and to all of the bloggers that you have stolen from. I am trying to be as nice about this as possible and trying to just keep this on the down low, but, I am frustrated, hurt, angry and saddened by this.
Please let me know what your thoughts are….
And thank you for your time.
Now, I did not think that I was being unfair or wrong in any way, but this is what I get back…


I will re-do my review that way it has no similarities what so ever to yours. I did read all the books that I have reviews for on my blog and it is not NICE to demand that another person delete their blog just because you say so.

Maybe she is right, I should not be so demanding, but literally every book review is fake. The emails just continued on from there to the point that she is calling me rude and demanding. I am telling her that since she is 28 yrs old, she should know right from wrong and she is the thief not me. To her telling me that if I used the word please, I would get so much further.

This so was NOT how I wanted this to go down. I thought we would have a civilized chat, she would realize she was wrong and all would end well. Duh! We live in the real world, not the dream world!

Anyway, the reason for this rant is to let other bloggers out there know that if they copy someone’s review, eventually, someone will find out. It is only a matter of time. PLEASE….

do us all a favor, read the books and write the reviews using your own words! Save us all the aggravation!

Was that nice enough???

Oh and to my blogger friend, whom, I will not mention her name, but she knows who she is….

Thank you for listening!!!



  1. Lol, Aside from laughing a lot [the GIFs and pictures are great] What the heck was wrong with that BLEEP Person! Good to know her blog was taken down. She’s lucky that the whole SOPA crap hasn’t gotten approved [.<


  2. Excuse my French, but how f*cking stupid do these plagiarists think we are? As bloggers, the smart thing for us to do is to copy chunks of your reviews from time to time, stick it in a search engine and see what comes up. Our reviews are OUR copyrighted material. I was up until nearly 1:30am last night writing my latest review. I practically needed toothpicks to keep my eyes open. So no, I would not be thrilled to see it pop up on someone else’s site without my knowledge after they pulled a simple copy/paste. Plagiarism is SO phail and I am more than happy to make it my mission to tarnish anyone that would dare take my stuff and claim it as their own. I’m not as nice as you are.


  3. Thanks guys, I really didn’t think that I was going crazy and maybe I was the only one whom thought this was a REALLY big deal! The hard part was emailing the fellow bloggers to let them know what happened. By that time, she had taken down her blog, but I had screen shots for everyone to prove it. People are amazing!!!


  4. At lot of love and sweat go into reviews!!! I hope that she hasn’t copied any of mine. I don’t have a blog but my reviews are on Amazon and GoodReads. Her reviews should be coming from herself, not stolen from other people. I hope that I am not to subscribed to her blog!!!!


  5. Oh, honey, you even brought out the Dean WInchester GIF for this nonsense! God bless you!

    This is just … wow. I can’t say I’m shocked. I had someone rip off a story I wrote and post it under their name, and when I confronted them via email, she said she’d give me credit in the byline. WTF?! Like THAT made it all better?

    Plagiarism irritates the hell outta me. Good for you for standing up to her!


  6. What?! How did I not know about this?? Man, I’m glad you tell her. Its not fair for the rest of us bloggers…and i just dont understand why she would do that! I mean, everyone of us have different opinions about books…can she not think fo herself??

    Good for you Heather! Way to go and stop plagiarism! 😀


  7. Thank-you Heather!!! Personally, I am grateful that you went so far to check and double check before confronting the person responsible. I think you did the right thing in asking her to take her blog down on her own before you reported her to all of the different websites.

    I’m sorry there are people like that in the world, people who can’t do their own work and have to rely on others hard work to make themselves look better.

    I stand behind you on this one. Your original e-mail was worded so that there were no questions. You weren’t rude and offensive.



  8. I saw this on Twitter this AM – I retweeted a post on it! I can’t believe someone actually stole book reviews! Come on… in this day and age how could she think that would go unnoticed?! Loved the rant & I thought you were very nice and polite in your email about it. Nicely done!


  9. It definitely was a big deal, I know I work hard on my reviews and take time to read the books and really put my opinion down so when i hear that it’s just craziness. Great blog seriously, such an eye opener.


  10. Ugh, really? I would never have thought of this as something to be concerned about. Who does that??? It’s not like anyone MADE her create a blog to review books. She decided to do this herself, so why wouldn’t she write her own reviews with her own opinions? I wouldn’t have any problem with someone quoting or referencing something from my blog, but only if they give me credit (and a link back to me would not be unappreciated, haha).

    One reason I enjoy blogging is that it’s a way to work on my writing without the stress of handing in a several-page research paper for x% of my grade in a course. Especially now that my blog is growing so much, I put a LOT of thought into trying to express my honest opinions about a book. I have to set time aside, because it’s not exactly something where you sit down and you’re done in a couple of minutes (or at least it’s not that way for me).

    How would you even find out that someone was plagiarizing your work? Do you just have to hope that if a reader notices it, they would contact you?


  11. Things like these do happen, don’t they? I’m not going to yell at her or something, but she should know what is right and what is wrong. As you’ve mentioned above, she is 28 years old – officially an adult. I bet she can write a review all by herself. By the way, thanks for pointing out this matter to me!


  12. Wow, that’s really out there that someone would do that. I was wondering why I was reading similar hints about plagarism and blog stealing on a couple of other blogs I subscribe to. It’s got to be really demeaning to get caught, (or at least I hope it is for her anyway.) You did the right thing even if she is too rude to realize she did something wrong.


  13. Holy #$%#$%#!!!!! I can’t believe someone would do that!

    Well, actually, yes I can. And her response was not only rude, but one of an animal backed into a corner, lashing out defensively and trying to save what little face she had. I think you did the absolute right thing and your message to her was polite and professional–you never outright accused her of stealing, and that was well done. It’s not your fault that that blogger is an immature plagiarist who was probably trying to build her review site as fast as she could so she could start getting free books from publishers.

    Ditto that it’s thieves like her that unfortunately give a bad name to bloggers. Personally, I think all you legit bloggers are da bomb. 🙂



  14. Wow whoever this person is, they are obviously not the full shilling!
    Did she honestly think there was nothing wrong with what she was doing!
    Some people! And your email was a hell of a lot nicer than mine would have been.
    Ooohh I’m getting angrier just thinking about it.

    P.S. Great use of the always wonderful Dean Winchester!


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