Out at Home by JL Paul Review

Out at Home

Author: J. L. Paul

Date Published: October 12, 2011

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Goodreads blurb:

When green reporter Taylor Lockwood finally gets a real story, her excitement is short-lived. She’s supposed to interview Brady Nolan, a local boy who made it to the big leagues. Unfortunately for Taylor, she has a history with Brady.

Brady had been the big man on campus back at high school – leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him. But he’d seemed different with Taylor – more attentive and loving. They’d managed to stay together most of the school year – even attending Senior Prom. But all of that ended the day after Prom when her best friend informed her that she had been part of a bet that Brady had made with his friend, Jason.

It took Taylor years to get over it – but she’d managed. Now, however, Brady Nolan is thrust back into her life, and although she’s determined to put him and the entire high school incident behind her – he’s determined to never let her go again.

My Review:

Ok, I have to say that I really did enjoy this book!  Taylor in my opinion was very headstrong and independent.  She had some very unfortunate things happen to her in the past and she was just doing her best to get over them and get on with her life….and then here comes Brady.  She ends up having to interview him for her job and that is when the fun starts!  She tries to prepare herself as best she can but I don’t think anything could have prepared her for this.

Brady Nolan is talented,confident, self-assured, and a hottie!  He is trying his best to make himself into a professional baseball player.  I really did fall in love with this character! He may have done some things in his past but rest assured that things are not always as they seem!  I am not going to say too much more because I do not want to give anything away! Just trust me when I say to go out and buy this book! I really think you will enjoy it.

I think I will give this book our 5 kisses rating because overall the character development is concise, the flow of the story is nice and it may be one that I go back and read again someday! Enjoy!



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