Loving Emily by Ann Pfeffer

Loving Emily by Anne Pfeffer

Published October 2011


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Ryan Mills is torn with guilt over the death of his best friend, and it’s all because of Emily Wintraub. If Ryan hadn’t seen those incredible gray-blue eyes, hadn’t pegged her as a Potentially Amazing Woman, he would never have gone looking for her at the party that night. He would never have left his wasted friend Michael alone, when Michael needed him and asked him to stay. And if Ryan hadn’t left, Michael would never have driven off, totaled his car, and taken the cosmic rocket ride into death.

As far as Ryan’s concerned, when you’ve done something terrible, you don’t deserve to be happy. He tries not to fall for Emily, but he can’t help it. Before long, he is “completely, gonzo, out-of-control in love.”

Ryan then learns that Michael died with a secret. Still grieving, he feels compelled to take on his friend’s unfinished business. When Emily begins to question where his commitments really lie—with her or with Michael’s memory—Ryan is forced to examine his choices. What does he owe to Michael, to Emily, and to himself?


I was not sure what to expect from this book, but was pleasantly surprised.

Ryan is just trying to be the best friend that he could be, but when his best friend, Michael dies, his world spirals out of control. He feels that it is all his fault and since Michael is dead, he does not deserve to be happy. Ryan has loved Emily from a distance for a very long time and now he has his chance, but is afraid to actually take it.

I enjoyed Ryan as a character. He was sweet and loving especially to Emily. Emily was a great person also. She had a lot of patience with Ryan and did not push until he was ready. Michael aggravated me from the beginning. He was careless, reckless and selfish.

The secret that Ryan find’s out takes the book in a total different turn and it was very refreshing. I really enjoyed this storyline and recommend it to a YA lover!


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