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The Legacy of Kilkenny by Devyn Dawson Review

The Legacy of Kilkenny by Devyn Dawson

First Published June 11, 2011 for Kindle

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Ireland has many secrets… this is one of them.

The legend has been confirmed, the Great Wolf has been born. Abel Casey, a 16 year old student is in for the ride of his life, literally. The Pack princess Pru , she is on a mission to train Abel for his destiny. This is a werewolf story that will take one pack of wolves on the ride of their lives, someone won’t survive….will the pack?

The Legacy of Kilkenny an incredible journey for these young adults. The reader will be drawn into this romantic yet invigorating story of friends and action. The prophecy has been stated, now it will be lived.

Diana’s Review

I wanted to love this book, and at first I really did. It started off great. The narrative of the book is shared between Abel and Pru, letting us see 2 sides of the story. And both characters I really loved. For me, the ability to connect with the characters is huge, and I found both of the narrators to be genuine and easy to connect to. The first quarter of the book I couldn’t put down. It started to slow towards the middle, and then I felt the pace totally changed.

I’m going to do this review a little different. I want to break this up into what I liked and didn’t like about the book. The story just started off so well that I was completely surprised when things started to unravel a little for me.


Like I said, I loved the characters. I found them to be believable and easy to root for. A little immature at times, but I could totally see them being average teenagers.

The book started off fast paced and was easy to get sucked into. In fact I did. I breezed through the first half of the book, unable to put it down.

The dialogue was great. I admire a book that can make a conversation sound like a real conversation.

The story was original. I liked the idea of a Great Wolf and am curious too see where that goes in the second book.


I thought that some parts of the story felt rushed. We were introduced to a lot of new characters and side plots in the second half of the book so quickly that it was hard to distinguish who/what was important and what needed to be paid attention to. I felt that there was a lot of detail in parts that didn’t need it, and a lot of rushing through new points that could have warranted more attention.

I mentioned that I loved the dialogue, and I did, but at the same time, sometimes it went a little over board. There were points where I really want the story to show me what was happening and what the characters were feeling. Instead, there were certain points that felt so rushed that dialogue was used to tell you the important stuff, instead of showing it to you. It left me a little disconnected from the plot.

This is a totally personal preference, but I wasn’t in love with the vampire portion of the story. I thought the new vamp rules that this book introduced seemed a little… for lack of a better word, convenient. They dragged out how long it took to become a vampire, but now there might be a cure? I just wasn’t feeling the explanations behind the vampire things, and it distracted me from the rest of the book. Additionally, I wasn’t really sure why the vampires would want to go after Abel’s sister without them knowing that he was the Great Wolf. Because she was a friend? There were other “friends” they could have gone after. It wasn’t believable. I would have rather the story focused on the Great Wolf and left the vampires out completely.

Frankly, I didn’t like the ending. I thought this book lacked a built up climax, and then it kind of just ended. I know it was a set up for book 2, but it didn’t feel like a natural ending. It felt like the pages just stopped having words on them. In the end the story got rushed all of a sudden, with no clear ending, and no real “OMG!” cliffhanger moment.

Final thoughts:

I liked the way the book started. There was a clear path and the first half the story stayed on task. But the second half started to unravel a little with new characters and plots, and I couldn’t focus on what the main parts of the book were supposed to be. It ended up being a little confusing. I still think I want to read the second book, hoping it’ll go back to the basics, or at least stick with a clear story.

Heather’s Review

Abel really likes Pru and cannot believe that she would even give someone like him the time of day. He soon finds out that she is hiding a secret and that secret includes him.

Abel is quickly thrust into learning about the pack and training to be the great wolf. He finds it difficult at times, but he secretly loves that his body is changing and he is becoming stronger.

I enjoyed the characters of both Abel and Pru. They were both very sweet and caring. I thought it was sweet how Abel pined for Pru, but was smart enough to see that she was pining for someone else.

The secondary characters were great, but the book started to take a wrong turn when the vampires came into play. The story seemed to drag to me. Some parts did not seem important to the story and actually made the book drag on more.

I am not sure yet if I would read the second book? I think that I would wait to see other reviews first? Thanks to R2R and the author for allowing me to review this book.


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