Posted in 2012

Breaking Dawn Part One…The Wait is Over!

So, who else was crazy enough to hang out at Target on Friday night to see the preview clip of BD 2 and purchase the DVD of BD 1 the moment of release?

Here I am with my almighty ticket to receive my DVD. There was a choice between the special edition and the regular DVD or Blue Ray. The special Edition had a silk rose from the movie set from the scene of Edward & Bella’s wedding. I figured that I really did not need to go overboard with needing the rose, so I just got the regular DVD.

I was very impressed with the way everything was handled. I had seen the preview, got my DVD and was checked out and in my car by 12:15. Very, very impressed. Everything was highly organized and everyone was excited and very chipper. With this being my very first time going to a special showing, I would definitely go again!!!

And here I am with my new Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD! Hot off the press!!!



Heather is a happily married wife & Mom of 2 daughters and three four legged kids. She began her addiction to reading with the Twilight Saga. Mainly she reads anything in the young adult genre and is always on the lookout for the newest bestseller!

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