Forgiving Trinity by Liz Reinhardt

                  Forgiving Trinity by Liz Reinhardt

                  Published December 23, 2011

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Review courtesy of Amazon:

At seventeen, Trinity McCabe has already made enough mistakes to fill a lifetime. Especially the one where she got high,  drove a car, and almost killed a dog. And then let her friend Aidan take the blame. She’s clean now and desperate to fix the messes she’s made, but first she’s going to have to get out of her pajamas.  As Trinity struggles to stop sleepwalking through life, she faces the painful, tingling sensation of waking up. It’s sometimes embarrassing (she really didn’t want to have lunch with Aidan’s mom), sometimes terrifying (group therapy is beyond intimidating), and sometimes, amazingly enough, pretty romantic (who’d have though Aidan would be such a great kisser?) Trin is lucky, though—luckier than she deserves, she’s sure—and she doesn’t travel this road alone. Her family, her therapist, and her new friends are all pulling for her. And it turns out, some of them have made pretty big mistakes, too.  But before she can embrace her new life completely, Trinity has to be forgiven by the one person who is holding out the hardest: herself. It’s not easy changing everything, especially when you don’t think you deserve a second chance. Trinity might make an even bigger mess of things before she figures that out.  When the smoke clears on her latest disaster, will anyone still be standing there?

My Review:

Where to begin? First of all, I really did enjoy this book by Ms. Reinhardt and I am not just saying that.  To me it was very emotional, sometimes causing a tear or two in my eye.  When I say emotional, I mean……sometimes sad, wanted to pull my hair out, and finally breathed a little easier.  I rooted for both Trinity and Aidan the whole time.  At the beginning of the story you have Trinity coming home, meet her brother Christian (who I also adored!) and read a little bit about her therapist. She sort of goes over in  her mind how she used to be, how she does not want to be, and that she really wants to remodel her room!  What had me laughing is when she ends up at Aidan’s house! Just remember that a dog is involved….and I will say no more! It’s almost a little confusing because you are convinced that Aidan hates her because Trinity believes that this is a fact she will have to deal with.  Enter Aidan and…….doesn’t really act like he hates her. Hmmm.


Has had some tough times in her life but is trying hard to make things better. She is a good friend and just really wants to move on. She is a little unsure of herself and if just afraid that she has caused too much damage.


Aidan too has had some issues to deal with and it may not be totally over for him. He means well and is also a good friend.  He tries to do the right thing but he may need a little more of a push in the long run. I think he will be okay though.


Trinity’s brother. Plays in a band and is very supportive of his sister.

After careful consideration I will give this book 4 Good Night Kisses!



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