Truly, Madly, Deeply You by Cecilia Robert

Truly, Madly, Deeply You by Cecilia Robert

Expected publication: March 21st 2012 by Inkspell Publishing

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Four days before Valentine’s Day, Liese Hansfeld is determined to shut the door to her house, as well as her heart, for her annual four days of mourning her one true love. Little does she know her best friend Freytag Meier is just as determined to keep her from her ritual. He’s ready to pick the lock to her apartment door and camp in her living room if that’s what it takes.

What Freytag isn’t prepared for is the surge of deep-rooted emotions he feels for Liese, but two things stand in his way: the grief and guilt she still clutches close to her heart, and a man who threatens to snatch Liese from under Frey’s watchful eye. Frey is determined to distract her into forgetting her pain. But is that enough to ease her grief, or help her see he can be more than her best friend?


This book was a love story about 2 best friends trying to see if their relationship could go further.

I enjoyed the storyline and liked both of the main characters. Frey has been Liese’s best friend since they were kids. But, he has always loved her, she just never knew how much. Liese is trying to get over a major tragedy in her life and Frey is there to help her every step of the way.

Frey tries to keep Liese out of another man’s arms while Liese considers if she could handle their friendship changing.

The ending was perfect and the little surprise was let “out of the bag”.

The book was, short, sweet and to the point. Just the way i like ’em sometimes.

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