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Alright all you Ednah Walters fans!  As you know, Betrayed is the second book in the Awakened series.  I was one of the few lucky ones given the opportunity the post an excerpt and do a review for the book!  If you think Awakened was good you just wait! You will find below an excerpt that I am allowed to share first then my review.

Excerpt from Betrayed:

How was hunting last night? Nuke some scouts? Collectors?”

Sykes chuckled. “I wish. We raided an underground gambling club, took care of the demons running it and their clients, then torched the place down. Hardly challenging.”

Demons scouts tracked down vulnerable humans, while collectors charmed them into signing contracts and selling their souls. Both weren’t very high in the demonic hierarchy, but they were usually our targets. However, demons who owned gambling clubs were higher up the demonic ladder. They used human souls as stakes instead of money. Killing them didn’t necessarily release the damned souls, though. To do that, we had to use the damned humans’ blood to destroy the contracts they had signed. Simple process, if you found one willing to cancel a contract. Since most sold their souls to gain fame and wealth, they usually didn’t want to cancel.

“You should have been there.” Sykes dropped an arm around my shoulders. “We miss you. Whenever you’re with us, cooler things happen.”

That was an understatement. “You mean more powerful demons come out of the woodwork and try to kidnap me?”

Sykes smirked. “But we get to have some fun smoking them. When will you start hunting again?”

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. Hunting wasn’t easy, but I missed hanging out with them.

“Have you asked your grandfather?”

I sighed. “He thinks I’m not ready. Every time I master a move, Master Haziel comes up with a new one. After I learned telekinesis, I had to use it to hurl knives and ninja stars while sparring. Now that I can trap psi energies, I have to learn to control a demon’s abilities without letting him or her inside my head.”

Sykes smirked playfully. “That should be easy for you, right?”

I made a face. “No. I suck at it. One day I get it right, the next, Master Haziel slips past my shield in seconds. And it hurts my head like crazy. I need to practice on low-level demons, not a thousand-year-old trainer who’s stronger than me and knows all my tricks because he taught them to me. It’s so unfair.”

“Eight hundred years old,” Sykes corrected, then added teasingly, “Is this where I feel sorry for you?”

“No.” I shot him a mean look. He could be such a bonehead sometimes.

My Review

I really enjoyed reading the second book probably more than the first one.  Is that possible?  I say yes because I got more of Sykes!  For those of you that don’t know where I am coming from means you must now go out and get the books!  All kidding aside though, the characters really pop out of the pages.  You are drawn more into the Guardian world and begin to understand what Lil has to go through to reach her potential so to speak.

I don’t want to give much away but there were a couple of things that I was not expecting but just really ended up enhancing the plot and kept it hard to put down.  The different emotions that it pulls from you were just amazing!  Even though I love Sykes I am very much Team Bran but I have to say there were a few times that I wanted to ring his neck!  During those times Lil reacted just the way I wanted her to!

I am not going to say much more so that I will not spoil any surprises!  I will add that this book really builds on character development. Of course in the first book you have all of the main introductions and some of the history of the Guardians, demons, etc.  In Betrayed you will continue to learn about what the Guardians represent and how all of the characters interact.  You will not be disappointed!

Go out and get this book now! I would love to hear back what your thoughts were when you are finished!

Go out and get this book now! I know that you will not be disappointed and would love to hear back on what you thought.

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