Reinventing Claire by Darian Wilk Book Review

Reinventing Claire

Reinventing Claire by Darian Wilk

Published August 20th 2012 by Darian Wilk (first published 2012)

Blurb from Goodreads:

People get divorced, but that’s what happens to other people.  That’s what Claire thought anyway, until her husband, Charlie, tells her he wants a divorce.
Claire has no choice but to take on the title of Divorced Woman, and face the question she has no idea how to answer.  Who is Claire without Charlie?  Her family believes her newly divorced woes can be cured by landing herself a boyfriend.  With her dating dunce cap in hand, Claire stumbles her way through the foreign territory of online dating.
A teacher from hell, a softball coach, and a sap later, Claire proclaims herself the dating idiot she thought she was, and fears she’s doomed to be a lonely, crazy cat lady.  But an accidental run-in with an old acquaintance might change everything.  What starts with comparing dating battle wounds over a cup of coffee, quickly turns into something Claire had given up on.
As Claire discovers maybe there is love after Charlie after all, Charlie realizes his mistake.  He wants her back, and he’ll do anything to prove it to her.  Now Claire must choose who deserves her heart, and if she’s really willing to give it away again.

My Review:

I first discovered Darian Wilk when I read and reviewed her first book Love Unfinished.  She is now one of my all time favorite authors.  I love her style of writing and she really knows how to tell a story!   Reinventing Claire is a story that makes you believe in true love again.  It shows you that there is a reason to keep hope alive and do not give up. This story brought out all kinds of emotions as I was reading it.  It made me feel the heartbreak, the loneliness, the frustration , and then it made me laugh!  Claire has a pretty close knit family and they would do anything for her.  So when her husband Charlie ups and decides he wants a divorce, her sisters are there to help pick up the pieces.

One of my favorite parts of the book is when Clarie is talked into online dating by one of her sisters.  She meets some very interesting men in the process and it made me so glad that I didn’t have to worry about that anymore!  It really takes up a lot of your time (and can sometimes still leave you hungry!).

Then Claire runs into an old acquaintance and things don’t look so bad anymore! It seems like when she is finally finding some happiness someone from her past wants a second chance.  This is the part where I had to hold my breath and hope that she decides the way I wanted her to decide!

  I strongly recommend that everyone goes out right now and purchases this book. I would also like to hear your thoughts when you finish reading.

Lots of thanks to Ms. Wilk for sending me the ARC.  I wait patiently for all of her future projects!

This one gets 5 goodnite kisses!

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