Blood Bond Blog Tour by Heather Hildenbrand

Blood Bond (Dirty Blood 3) by Heather Hildenbrand

Published August 31, 2012

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If I had to choose one word to sum up all of my problems, this would be it.
Without hybrids, I wouldn’t have to watch my best friend slowly becoming a monster. Without hybrids, I could let go of the mentality “hunt or be hunted.” CHAS wouldn’t be scouring the Earth, intent on slaughtering and using Alex to do it. Without hybrids, I wouldn’t have to be on guard that losing my temper meant losing my shape. There would be no monster inside me, struggling to get out.

Then again, without hybrids, I wouldn’t have Wesley St. John.

My Review

This is absolutely one of my favorite series. Heather has put a twist on the whole werewolf genre. Her character and world building is superb and you never know what little twist will get thrown into the story next.

This third book in the series is the best yet! The action and drama continues throughout the whole book until the very end and will leave you breathless. There is so much that happens that it is hard to actually put it all into words. You will have to just read it for yourself!

I am still in a debate with myself over the Alex/Wes love triangle and this book made me really question which boy I loved more. I had been a huge Afan of Alex, but, now I am not so sure?????

I really can’t wait for the next book in the series! I hope the action will continue and we might finally see where Tara’s heart lies.

Thanks Heather for the review copy and giving us a great read!!!

I have a special treat for all of you! I have a letter from Wes to Alex…..


Tara told me what you did for her with those hybrids. (I still can’t believe she thought she’d run off and meet Miles on her own, but that’s another story.) Anyway, thanks for being there for her. Obviously I’d rather it’d been me. But since it wasn’t … I appreciate it. She’s important. And special. I’m sure you’ve noticed. I trust you’ll respect that she’s already committed. As for that night in the woods … I won’t apologize for reading your thoughts when they were so blatantly inappropriate. I know you can’t control your feelings but you could at least try and control your … visualizations. I think you know what I’m talking about so I won’t insult Tara by explaining it. I’d hate to have to discuss this in person, but I will, if necessary, as a matter of honor. That’s not a threat. It’s me simply stating a fact.

I owe you one, doesn’t mean I have to like you.


Tara’s boyfriend.

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