Posted in 2012, December

Apologies on where I have been???

Hi everyone!!! Long time no see…eh??? Anyway, with the incoming of superstorm Sandy, the last thing I expected was to lose my internet connection for a while!!! But, that is exactly how it happened. I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to catch up on all my reading and trying to figure out a plan of action to get back on track! My greates apologies go out to everyone that I had scheduled a blog tour with and I promise, my reviews will be up soon! I have lots and I will probably be doubling up on quite a few…

Anyway, I am back and hopefully (cross my fingers) I can continue to entertain all of you with my musings…

Thanks for following, I’ve missed you all:)





Heather is a happily married wife & Mom of 2 daughters and three four legged kids. She began her addiction to reading with the Twilight Saga. Mainly she reads anything in the young adult genre and is always on the lookout for the newest bestseller!

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