Hey everyone!! I know that the blog has been very neglected in the last few months:( I am still getting Galleys and Review books like crazy and would love to pick right up where we left off with this blog and make it bigger and better!

In order to do that though, I need some help!!! I am in search of one person that has time and would be willing to help with all aspects of the blog! This person needs to be dependable and have a good blogging sense. Looking for someone that does NOT have their own blog.

Maybe one of you has been thinking of blogging and was just not sure how to start on their own??? Or, maybe you had a blog in the past and recently starting thinking about starting again?

A few facts about NightlyReading:

1. Started in January 2011 by me, Heather

2. We have over 650 followers

3. We are approved through several publishers with Edelweis and Netgalley for digital Review copies

4. There are a few other ladies that have helped me out in the past, Lisa, Diana and Lacey. They may still post some reviews, but I am looking for a right hand man.

5. We have fun and I know that with a little work, we could have this blog bigger and better!

If you think you fit the bill…PLEASE fill out the form:

FORM can be found HERE!

I will be in touch if you seem like the one I am searching for:) Thanks!!


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