Review: How to Forget Your (Boy)friend by: Kathleen Kitson

How Long Is Too Long To Be In Love With Your Ex?

Ivy Stratton's best friend-turned boyfriend-turned best friend, Giuseppe, is the One That Got Away.

Ivy's the one who let him get away--and since then, Giuseppe has put her firmly in his friend zone.

It's nothing short of embarrassing that she still hopes there might be a second chance for their relationship.

But, no matter how hard she tries, Ivy can't imagine life without Giuseppe—until she inherits a time machine.


Source: A free e-copy of this book was given to me by the author for an honest and unbiased opinion.


I'd like to start by saying that it has been a few months since I read this book. I'll make this review pretty short, because I don't remember much.

For starters, I really didn't like the way the author used time travel. It felt thrown in after she wrote the book, like an afterthought. I really would have liked the book more without any time travel.

It didn't feel half as real to me as the prequel, and I really hate to beat a dead horse here, but I feel like the time travel aspect added to that feeling.

The characters were fun, though at times immature, and that's one thing that hasn't changed since the prequel.

The book felt fast-paced at times, and then something idiotic would happen and I'd have to make myself continue.

I'll be reading the next book with the hope that the author will improve the time travel aspect.

3 Stars

Find it on Goodreads. Buy it on Amazon.

Either way, you should read the prequel! It's still free on Amazon!


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