Review: Chasing After Infinity by: L. Jayne

Chasing After Infinity

Book Description (Amazon):

December 7,
“As quick as a flash, he puts me up against the side of the
building. My back hits the wall hard, enough to make my ears ring. His body
pushes into mine, trapping me between his hands and the bricks. His breathing is
uneven, his light breath stirring my hair. I wait for the eventual kiss, the
moment where his lips meet mine hard and rough but he doesn’t do anything. A
lump is in my throat. “Either kiss me or let me go,” I choke out. The same old
tug of war is still raging and there’s nothing but a storm between us. (Exerpt
from pg. 191)"

Ever since her mother’s death, Avena’s heart has become
steel—tough, hardened…unbreakable. She refuses to let anything faze her; least
of all, the school’s most notorious player, Adrian Huntington, with his jade
eyes and aloof, sardonic charm that has all the girls swooning in his wake. When
she becomes his next target, everything goes up in flames as they find
themselves getting caught up in the game they created.

 *BD= Beautiful Disaster


Okay. I have conflicted emotions about this one. On one hand: the first half was extremely similar to Beautiful Disaster by: Jamie McGuire, but on the other hand: I enjoyed it very much.
As I was reading the first half, I found myself rolling my eyes at this books similarities to BD. However, looking back I see them as two different stories that invoked different emotions from me.

One thing that got on my nerves was the amount of typos. There were a lot. We are human, and mistakes do happen: but to me it shows that the author doesn't really care. Maybe it's just me, but I know I would never sell a book with the wrong word in a sentence (ex: I kissed me means I kissed him).
Also, I didn't get how someone can go from dumping juice on someones face to holding them while they cry so quickly.

On a more positive note: I did enjoy it and don't regret reading it. Even with all the similarities to BD, typos, and just plain stupidity: I read this book in one sitting... which is rare for me. Also, just by reading the description you know you're getting something like BD, but certain details felt like they were right out stolen from BD (I won't spoil them for you).

So, do I want to hate Chasing After Infinity for the typos and similarities to BD? Yes. I want to hate it with a passion. The problem? It simply won't let me. I am officially accepting the fact that I enjoyed Chasing After Infinity.

I am not rating this book right now due to the conflicted emotions.

Do I recommend it?

If it sounds like something you'd like: read it. Just be prepared to skip over typos and roll your eyes a bit.

Recommended reads similar to Chasing After Infinity:

 Beautiful Disaster

 Lol(: Did you NOT read the review?

 Oh, and the song Fix You by: Coldplay reminds me of this book.

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