The Pleasures of Summer by Evie Hunter Review & Guest Post & In My Mailbox Video

the pleasures of summer


The Pleasures of Summer by Evie Hunter

Source: Netgalley

Published May 30, 2013 by Penguin Ireland

Summer O’Sullivan is rich, beautiful and in mortal danger. Her father has made powerful enemies who are targeting his precious daughter. Until the threat passes, Summer needs a bodyguard – someone to protect her and, she expects, to treat her with the reverence she’s used to.

Into Summer’s gilded cage comes former ranger, Flynn Grant. As far as Flynn is concerned, this is the assignment from hell, minding the spoilt daughter of a multi-millionaire. Summer and Flynn are poised to hate each other on sight. Even his devastating looks do not make up for how Flynn’s rules cramp Summer’s style. Unsurprisingly, the sparks fly between them. But when Summer breaks the rules one time too often, Flynn teaches her a lesson that leaves them shattered – and bound
together in a way that astonishes them both.

In their remote hideout, the two start a battle over who is the tamer, and who is the tamed. It’s a duel that stretches their minds and bodies beyond every limit. And in time their hearts begin to surrender too. But when the dark forces that
have been stalking Summer finally track them down, the battle is no longer a game, but a matter of life and death …

My Thoughts:

So, I loved The Pleasures of Winter so much that when I received this second installment, I dove right into it! There is still plenty of S-E-X, but the storyline is different than the first with different characters.

Summer’s father has hired a body guard to watch over her while he is out of town. She had done everything in her power to get rid of each of them. Which was hilarious by the way! Her plan is a success until she meets Flynn and he will not back down.

Flynn hates that he has to be assigned to Summer. He views her as a spoiled princess that never had to work a day in her life. He is just recovering from a recent accident and once he is fully recovered, he can move onto the assignments that he likes. This one is only temporary, how hard could it be?

I loved the fact that Summer kept trying to give Flynn the slip! She made him work for his money! lol!

They were going along fine until Summer decides to visit a BDSM club with her friend. It was all down hill from there. Flynn decides that if she wants BDSM, he is damn sure going to give it to her! *yummy*

The relationship between the two of them at times tended to be frustrating!!! I swear that communication is the key to a relationship and sometimes, these two had none! That is exactly what makes this book so real to me. The fact that each of them was terrified to share their true feelings with each other which tends to happen often in real life, not just in stories.

The makeup sex was HOT!!!It made me wish there was more book when I was finished reading:( I am soooo looking forward to The Pleasures of Autumn which will be out in October!!!


Guest Post:

The pen name of Evie Hunter is made up of 2 wonderful authors, Caroline and Eileen. This guest post is from Eileen talking about how the time crunch of releasing 2 books in a small time frame had affected her life, since Pleasures of summer released in May and Autumn is due to release in October.

Under Pressure

 “You’ve written three novels in a year?”

“And three novellas,” I say modestly.

“How do you write that fast? What’s the trick?”

I wish there was a trick. Or if there is, I wish someone would tell me what it is.

Caroline and I have been living in a madhouse for the last year, writing non-stop, and when we are not writing, we are talking about writing or thinking about writing or researching for writing. Our friends have learned to avoid asking questions like “How are things?” knowing they will get a detailed description of how the latest plot problem is driving us mad.

My children have worked out that if they ask for Chinese takeaway while I’m writing, there’s a good chance I’ll say yes without asking too many questions. If my head is in Paris where my hero has just fallen under a train, I’m not going to obsess about MSG in food.

My long-suffering husband has discovered that the quickest way to get lucky is to say, “You know, I think there’s something wrong with the pacing of that last sex scene. Are you happy with it?” Before he can blink, I’ve dragged him off to bed to see how it works in real life.

The closest thing to a trick for writing a lot is a deadline. I’ve been a journalist for years, when I would report on a story as soon as it happened. Half the time, I didn’t even get to write it out, I would phone it straight to the copy-takers at the newspaper, so writing fast is not new.

One thing you learn when you are covering a story and you have editors screaming for your copy, is that there is no such thing as “Writer’s block”. If you have a paper waiting for you to produce seven hundred words for the first page, you produce seven hundred words. Everything else goes on hold until the copy has been phoned in and approved. Afterwards, you may wish you’d had more time to polish them and make them flow, but you write the words.

So when it comes to producing a novel with a hundred thousand words, it’s a matter of putting other things on hold until we’ve got the book written.

Going to the gym? Yep, will go as soon as I have this scene written. Absolutely. Definitely.

Parent-teacher meeting? Yes, of course I want to hear the teachers singing the praises of my darling daughters (that is what they are going to say, isn’t it?) but I do need to get this chapter finished, so maybe my husband should go on his own this time.

Visit to the optician for an eye test? Just as soon as the book is finished.

Moving house? Of course. Has to be done. But I’ve got to meet Caroline to do some more plotting, so could the girls start packing up the books, and I’ll take over as soon as I get a bit of spare time?

And yes, my family moved house while I sat at the kitchen table writing. I consider it’s lucky that they actually handed me my nightdress and told me I was sleeping in the new house from now on. There’s a real danger I might not have remembered where they were going.

So to all the amazing people who put up with this madness, I promise I’ll get myself sorted out and get back to normal life. Just as soon as I finish writing this blog….


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