YA Crush Tournament:)

Before we start, don’t forget to look at the post below this one: my review of The Madness Underneath by: Maureen Johnson.

If you don't know what the heck the title is talking about, just know that our favorite fictional characters are set against each other, leaving us to choose the best book boyfriend between the two. And then that winner faces off against another winner, creating one huge epic war from multiple little battles that leave your heart racing and you just can't-- *end of rant*.



Can I just say: woah.
This is the first year I've ever really gotten into this, but boy did I ever. I was fighting for #TeamDante in his battle against The Darkling, but The Darkling won. Was I sad at first? Yes. How sad, you ask? Almost in tears sad. Seriously. I wanted Dante to win.
And then I looked at The Darkling. I haven't read the books, but the post his advocate made was really good. So good in fact, that I'm really okay with the outcome. Not ONLY did I meet some amazing people, I re-found a great series I passed up on: Shadow and Bone.
And Perry won the other battle, which just makes me feel good.

I do have to note that the advocate for #TeamDante was just so freaking awesome that I found myself talking to myself about her awesomeness. The great news? She's the advocate for "Rule" in the New Adult Tournament. Find her (Jessica) on Twitter @makesmeworse12 and on her blog "Just A Booklover".

Also, I just have to note that I didn't even know this had started yet, and by the time I did know.. Maxon had already lost the Maxon vs. Patch battle.

Are there any other battles you're looking forward to, you ask? Yes. The one I'm most in love with want-him-for-myself one. Warner. YES. Win.

Get details on the YA Crush Tournament here. Stop by, vote (for Warner on Monday!), and watch the numbers go back and forth. It's awesome. It really is a great experience, whether you win or lose. And that's comin' from a sore loser. :)

Find ME on Twitter @PS_Reads
If you're team Warner, we can totally be best friends. *winks* Seriously guys, tweet me! I love bookish people.

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