Review- Purple Daze by: Sherry Shahan

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Purple Daze is a young adult novel set in suburban Los Angeles in 1965. Six high school students share their experiences and feelings in interconnected free verse and traditional poems about war, feminism, riots, love, racism, rock 'n' roll, high school, and friendship.
Although there have been verse novels published recently, none explore the changing and volatile 1960's in America-- a time when young people drove a cultural and political revolution. With themes like the costs and casualties of war, the consequences of sex, and the complex relationships between teens, their peers, and their parents, this story is still as relevant today as it was 45 years ago.
Before I begin, I need to say that I did not finish this title.
Okay, the characters.. there were mixed POVs and I really just forgot who everyone was. I never had enough time to connect with any one character before the book switched to another. I was constantly referring to the beginning of the book to remind myself who this was.
Because I didn't care for the characters, I didn't ever really connect to the story. I really feel like I could have enjoyed this story if it had stuck to one or two POVs. I love books written in verses, and the multiple POVs just wouldn't allow me to fall in love with the characters.
I really still don't know who was who, and I didn't enjoy this book at all. I got so frustrated trying to figure out who everyone was, I just had to put the book down. If you like what this book sounds like, aren't character-oriented, like multiple POVs, and/or books written in verses: give it a shot. You just might need to take notes.

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