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Review: Anything But Ordinary by Lara Avery

anything but ordinaryPublished September 12, 2012 by Hyperion Book Group

Source: Review copy from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

An inspiring, bittersweet love story about making every day count.

Bryce remembers it like it was yesterday. The scent of chlorine. The blinding crack and flash of pain. Blood in the water.

When she wakes up in the hospital, all Bryce can think of is her disastrous Olympic diving trial. But everything is different now. Bryce still feels seventeen, so how can her little sister be seventeen, too? Life went on without her while Bryce lay in a coma for five years. Her best friend and boyfriend have just graduated from college. Her parents barely speak. And everything she once dreamed of doing—winning a gold medal, traveling the world, falling in love—seems beyond her reach.

But Bryce has changed too, in seemingly impossible ways. She knows things she shouldn’t. Things that happened while she was asleep. Things that haven’t even happened yet. During one luminous summer, as she comes to understand that her dreams have changed forever, Bryce learns to see life for what it truly is: extraordinary.

My Thoughts

I must start this review by talking about the cover. I LOVE IT!! I just think that the cover is beautifully done and matches the story perfectly:) It is hard to see, but there are small blotches that make it look like there were water droplets. This also shows on the chapter headings within the book and I thought this was brilliant! Not many people may notice it, but someone whom is a book nerd like me definitely would.

The book starts off with Bryce at her last Olympic trial diving competition. She is doing really well and would love nothing more than to make the Olympic team. She has her whole life mapped out; where she will go to college, make the Olympics, what she will study and where she will live. As she is making her last dive, she over judges her body and ends up whacking her head!

The next thing she knows, she can hear what is going on around her but cannot move, talk or open her eyes. She listens to her mother and father talking but is very sleepy. Just drifts in and out but is not able to actually come to. When she finally does, there is much shock and commotion. It doesn’t take long for her to figure out she was in a coma for FIVE years!!!

Normally, I would never even think of what I would do in this situation, but this book had me doing exactly that. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to wake up from a five-year sleep. While everyone around you was still continuing on with their lives.

This is exactly what Bryce has to deal with. Everyone else had moved on. She missed her graduation, her plans for college are down the tubes. Her family had fallen apart and the person that claims to be her sister is unrecognizable. Not to mention that her best friend and boyfriend are now engaged!  Her whole life is kind of a mess.

Personally, I thought that Bryce was written very well. I loved the fact that she really didn’t wallow in self-pity. She just cruised right on along and let everything happen around her. She took everything with a grain of salt and just kept reminding herself that she was getting a second chance at life.

I really enjoyed this book and cannot rave enough about it! The plot was amazing and it really just makes the reader think. The story line sucked me in and made me feel a wealth of emotions. The ending was kind of happy-sad. I am still not sure of what to think of it but the story does wrap up nicely and is not left open.

Thanks to Hyperion for the review copy of this book!!!


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