Audio Book Review: My Sister Lives On The Mantlepiece by Annabel Pitcher

my sister lives on the mantlepiecsPublished August 14, 2012 by Hatchette Audio

Narrated by David Tennant

Source: Publisher in exchange for an honest review

My sister Rose lives on the mantelpiece. Well, some of her does. A collarbone, two ribs, a bit of skull, and a little toe. 

To ten-year-old Jamie, his family has fallen apart because of the loss of someone he barely remembers: his sister Rose, who died five years ago in a terrorist bombing. To his father, life is impossible to make sense of when he lives in a world that could so cruelly take away a ten-year-old girl. To Rose’s surviving fifteen year old twin, Jas, everyday she lives in Rose’s ever present shadow, forever feeling the loss like a limb, but unable to be seen for herself alone.

Told with warmth and humor, this powerful novel is a sophisticated take on one family’s struggle to make sense of the loss that’s torn them apart… and their discovery of what it means to stay together.

My Thoughts on David Tennant as a narrator

Wow!!! I tend to only enjoy female narrators. I have no idea of why? BUT, I loved David’s voice! The way that he portrayed Jamie in this story was remarkable:) He was able to high pitch his voice, ramble quickly and show much enthusiasm just like a child! It really sounded like the listener was inside Jamie’s head and we were able to hear all the ramblings going on in there. I honestly was amazed and loved listening to him talk.

“In fact she was quite bad and according to Jas she was naughty at school, but no one seems to remember that now she is all dead and perfect.”

My thoughts on the story line

Ms. Pitcher was able to take a tragic story and put a humorous spin on it by letting the story be told in a child’s perspective.

The story takes place in London and the town that Jamie and his family lived was the victim of a terrorist bombing. Jamie tells a heart wrenching story of his family being at a park having a wonderful afternoon when terror hits.

Since that time, his family has literally been torn apart. His sister Rose, died in the bombings. Her twin, Jas is always trying to change her appearance when all their parent’s want is for her to stay looking like Rose. They eventually move to a different town but then learn that their Mother was not coming with them.

The book is basically a look at Jamie’s unique spin on the whole situation and how he just is trying to get his family back together. He is actually hilarious and kept me on my toes. I really enjoyed getting the story from a child’s mind. The things that he thought or sometimes would say out loud had me rolling. You know how the old saying goes..”Out of the mouth of babes.” I must say that Jamie was my favorite character!

The whole book was not all funny, there were times that brought tears to my eyes too! Ms. Pitcher did a wonderful job on balancing the emotions though. The book held laughter, tears and a lot of heart! I thoroughly enjoyed it and am very glad that I had requested it. I was not sure at first, but the story line really intrigued me. I couldn’t pass it up!


H. Lee1



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