Reading Road Trip-Pennsylvania/Giveaway


YAY!! I was lucky enough to get chosen to represent my home state on the Reading Road Trip!

RRT is hosted by 2 great ladies and you should definitely check them out:

Britta at I Like These Books

Hafsah at IceyBooks

So, What can I tell you about Pennsylvania?

hersheyHave you ever had a Hershey Bar and wondered where it came from? Well, PA.. We are home to the Hershey factory and to Hershey Park which is an amusement park like Great Adventure only chocolate themed! This all sits nicely in the town of….you guessed it! Hershey, PA. When visiting Hershey, you can stay at the Hershey Hotel and eat at one of the many restaurants that are literally chocolate themed. They make everything with chocolate down to fish and all the way to dessert!

We are also home to Penn State University which as you all know has been in the news a lot in the past year. It has not penn statemade us think any less of our wonderful center of higher learning. Penn state still has a huge following and we still love our football team. Go Lions!!!

If you didn’t know, we are also the state that homes The Liberty Bell. Crack and all! LOL The bell sits in Liberty Bell Center and anyone can come and see it. That is located in Philadelphia, PA. I liberty bellhave seen it myself when I was a lot younger and plan to take my children to see a huge part of our history too!

Why I love living in PA?

dwgI love PA and probably would never even think of moving anywhere else. We actually get all 4 seasons. My favorite is Spring and Fall. Summer gets hot, can be as high as 101 degrees in some places and winter can be very cold! Also, I really do not like snow. In the fall, the leaves are beautiful with all their different colors. We also have flat land and mountains with valleys. We have large cities such as Philadelphia or if you love country, go for a trip in the Poconos. We are close jersey beachenough to New Jersey to take in all the Jersey beaches have to offer and we are very close to New York to plan a get away to the Big Apple if we like! The town I live in is only an hour and a half away from NYC and runs buses daily. We have taken great advantage of that!

PA Lingo

Okay, Here are some slang terms you would only know if you were a Pennsylvanian!

PA & Jersey=Pennsylvania & New Jersey

State Store=A liquor store. We, PAers can only buy alcohol at beer distributors or liquor stores.

Dippy Eggs=sunny side up eggs

Beer Garden=fenced in area at carnivals & fairs where they sell beer. You must drink it within the confines of the fence and can only be 21 or older to enter

Blue Ball, Intercourse, Paradise , Climax, Bird-in-Hand, Beaver, Moon, Virginville, Mars, and Slippery Rock=All PA towns *honest!*

Buggy= shopping cart at the supermarket

crick= creak, river, stream

Hoagie= a sub sandwich

I hope you have enjoyed getting a glimpse of my home state, now on with the giveaway!


I am giving away the book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower in paperback format since it takes place in Pennsylvania! US only, sorry to my international peeps! The winner will be chosen on August 1, 2013!

Good luck:)

perks wallflower

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  1. Illinois’ state snack food is popcorn. I didn’t even know that and I live here, ahaha!
    I’ve been to PA a few times. I stayed at the 7 Springs resort.


  2. I’m originally from Minnesota – “Land of 10,000 Lakes” (actually more than that, I guess they didn’t want to count them anymore – lol).

    entering under FB name (Danny Taylor Rhonda)


  3. I live in Alabama. We have the best college football team in the nation. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

    I’m originally from Mississippi. Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, MS. Faith Hill is from Star, MS. The rock group, Saving Abel, came from my hometown, Corinth, MS.


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