Blog Tour: Guardian by Heather Frost w/ This or That post

guardianPublished July 9, 2013 by Sweetwater Publishing Source: Via Netgalley with permission from the publisher. A vision of Kate’s death causes Patrick to intensify his duties as Guardian. The Demon Lord is especially relentless now that Kate is the only Seer to ever escape his grasp. When Patrick discovers that Kate is the key to defeating their greatest enemy, he must choose between sacrificing the girl he loves or letting the Demon Lord win. You won’t be able to put this final installment in the Seers trilogy down.

My Thoughts

This is really hard to write since I am still reeling from reading the book! WOW!!! Just WOW!!! Guardians is the last book in the Seers Trilogy and I cannot say enough about it to really convince you to read it!!! I have loved the characters especially Tony!! LOL, He really is my favorite by not really having a filter and just spewing out whatever it is that he is thinking! I have also love the storyline itself with the “special” seers and their guardians down to the evil Demons! This last book really had my heart breaking and YES, I did cry….A LOT!!! I know, I know, I am such a wuss! But, it was heart breaking! Quite a lot of death in this installment which brings us face to face with Far Darig and The Demon Lord! I had no idea of how Heather was going to end this series until I was almost at the end. Then the light bulb came on and it was like a beacon! *duh!* I loved it!!! Thank you Ms. Frost for bringing us this wonderful story and great well thought out characters!!! I really look forward to what you have in store for us next!!!


H. Lee1

This or That post with Heather Frost

I thought it would be fun to do a this or that post instead of the regular interview questions. So, here goes: Hardcover or Paperback? Hardcover Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla Winter or summer? Winter Dog or Cat? Fish! Pool or Hot tub? Pool Hot Dog or Hamburger? Hamburger Baseball or Football? Baseball TV Show or Movie? Movie Beach or Mountains? Mountains Paranormal or Romance? Romance Favorites: Book? “North and South”, Elizabeth Gaskell Drink? Water Movie? Lord of the Rings (All of them!) TV Show? Doctor Who Vacation Destination? New Zealand

Thank you Heather for stopping in to visit today!

Also, Thank you to Sweetwater Publishing for the e-galley of the book for this review:)

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