Sad News:( To Co-Blog or not to Co-Blog??? Thoughts anyone?

As most of you know, I have recently taken on a co-blogger! Priscilla and I have worked pretty well together maintaining the blog and writing up some awesome reviews! Unfortunately, Priscilla let me know that she will be unable to continue with the blog!!!! Although I am sad to see her go, I understand that sometimes life just gets in the way and that blogging is not for everyone. She will finish up in fulfilling any tour/ARC obligations and then maybe (if we are lucky) she will come on back once in a while to do a guest review? I wish her well, she has her whole future ahead of her and KEEP READING P!!!

we'll miss you photo: we'll miss you wellmissyou.jpg


This leaves me with doing one of two things?

1. Keep blogging myself and post when I can


2. Start searching for another co-blogger?

Decisions decisions…

Any thoughts on which you guys prefer??

H. Lee1


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