Authors Are Rockstars Tour: Jus Accardo!!!

authors are rockstars

I am so totally stoked to be hosting Jus Accardo on this tour!! Woop Woop!! I started to love Jus way back when she began her Denazen series! She has this insane knack of creating these really snarky, tough chick heroines! I love them!! *honestly* I can’t get enough of them! I really didn’t think that she could create a better character than Dez from the Denazen series AND THEN she comes out with Jessie from Darker Days. I can honestly say that Jus is an auto buy for me and I will love anything she creates! That is why she, in my eyes, is a ROCKSTAR!!!! Love you Jus!!!

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Jus’s Dream Cast

SPECIAL TREAT for all of you! Jus has put together a list of her dream cast for the Denazen Series!!!!

Hey guys! Today I’m here to share my dream cast for the Denazen series. For most authors, it’s a dream to see your book make it to the big screen. But the drawback? We don’t get a say in the actors. But doing a dream cast blog? It’s all us, baby! So without further fluff, meet the cast…

To me, Dez will always be Avril Lavigne.
avril lavigne photo:  normal_CosmoGirl37_zps9da2becf.jpg

Awesome cover dude aside, a younger Ben Barnes would have made an awesome Kale.
ben barnes photo: Ben Barnes Ben_Barnes_005.jpg

Ginger? Only Betty White would do her justice…
betty white

Zac Effron would make a pretty cool Brandt
zac efron photo: zac efron zac-efron.jpg

Kate Beckinsale would make an awesome Sue
kate beckinsale photo: Katerina kate_beckinsale_30small.jpg

Emma Stone = Jade. Perfect!
emma stone photo: Emma Stone emmastone44.jpg

Emma Watson + purple hair dye = Kiernan
emma watson photo: Emma Watson EE60930E-D368-4D54-9538-48B729BF1726_zps58680398.jpg

So what do you think? Forget any of your favorites? Think someone different would work?

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Thank you Jus for just being you and giving me something awesome to rave about!!!

H. Lee1

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