Hellloooooo! Sorry I have been MIA!

Hello Everyone!

I must tell you this reason for my dissappearing act:( I GOT A JOB!!! After almost a year being unemployed, I now am working for Aflac!

I am SOOO excited for this but, as part of my job requirement, I MUST take the state licensing exam….BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER!!!!

So, my books have been tossed to the side and I am studying, studying, studying!

I am still going to try to keep up with my blog tours, but, September may still be a little sketchy. I want to apologize ahead of time:)

I have read several books recently and have to post those reviews and hopefully *crosses fingers, toes, etc.* October will be better and I can get right back into it!!!

Thanks for listening:) And following!!!

H. Lee1

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