Looking for CoBlogging Partner!

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I am starting to feel like I am always looking for a new partner?

When Di, Lacey & Lisa were with me, we made an awesome team! But unfortuantely, life gets in the way and everyone needs to figure out their priorities. I know that I have lacked a few times with the blog over the last two years but always find myself coming back:)

I love blogging, reviewing and reading and am looking for someone that feels the same!

I only have a few requests:

1. MUST enjoy YA fiction or Adult Romance/Erotica.

2. MUST be willing to obtain their own ARCs/Review copies. I am not saying that I will never send this person books. As long as they live in the US. (I actually have a few books that need reviewing and I am ready to send out) But, we would need to work out a system for obtaining ARCs. Willing to sign up for Netgalley & Edelweis.

3. MUST want to be a full fledge partner with equal rights to the blog. I am looking for someone that wants to make the blog better and has lots of ideas and brings them to the table. I would also like to find someone that has a compatible personality as mine. I really am fun loving but tend to be a little type A.blushes photo: Blushes Blushes.gif Especially with the blog. But, I like to have fun with it!!!


If you are or you know someone whom may be interested, Please send them my way!!!

I can be emailed at hyouse@hotmail.com

Also, if you could PLEASE cross post this, that would be great:)

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H. Lee1



  1. I love your blog, I would offer my services if I was not having trouble keeping up with my own blog. I read a lot of YA and get lots of books from net galley. If I could find the time, I would be yelling “pick me, pick me”. I hope you find someone to help soon. 🙂


  2. Awww, Thank you so much for following!!! I totally understand how hard it is to keep up. Some people do not understand what hard work a blog actually is. BUT I LOVE IT!!! And it sounds like you do too! Maybe you could guest post sometime?


  3. I would love to be a co-owner with you! I do not have a blog of my own, and I adore yours! Also, I am an avid reader of YA fiction (very much so) AND Adult Romance/Erotica (maybe a bit too much!)


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