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So, if your anything like me, you get grabby hands while searching through Netgalley. I just can’t help myself! I want to read EVERY book that I come across and unfortunately, there is so little time:(

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Thank goodness that these lovely ladies had come up with the awesome idea of a whole month dedicated to clean up our Netgalley to-read shelves.

Right now, I am soooo embarrassed to say but, my Netgalley Approval Ratio Score is score is 25.1!

gasp photo: gasp gasp.jpg

I know, I know! It’s really bad!!!

Since I started work again, I do not get to read as much as I have been use to this past year where I could just shoot on through a book in no time:(

That is why I really need to take part in Netgalley November!

I am going to try to do the Medium category which is 5-10 books for the month of November.

When I post my reviews, I will let you know if it is a NN read and I will post an end of the week follow-up on Fridays and we can keep track of how many books I have read:)

I am going to try to read the following books:

The Truth About Letting Go


The Guardians


Far From You


Crash Into You


Six Months Later


If I get through more, GREAT! But my hope is to get through these at least. Me and my kindle are going to spend alot of time with each other:)

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