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Netgalley November!

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So, if your anything like me, you get grabby hands while searching through Netgalley. I just can’t help myself! I want to read EVERY book that I come across and unfortunately, there is so little time:(

so many books photo: so many thz42834820.jpg

Thank goodness that these lovely ladies had come up with the awesome idea of a whole month dedicated to clean up our Netgalley to-read shelves.

Right now, I am soooo embarrassed to say but, my Netgalley Approval Ratio Score is score is 25.1!

gasp photo: gasp gasp.jpg

I know, I know! It’s really bad!!!

Since I started work again, I do not get to read as much as I have been use to this past year where I could just shoot on through a book in no time:(

That is why I really need to take part in Netgalley November!

I am going to try to do the Medium category which is 5-10 books for the month of November.

When I post my reviews, I will let you know if it is a NN read and I will post an end of the week follow-up on Fridays and we can keep track of how many books I have read:)

I am going to try to read the following books:

The Truth About Letting Go


The Guardians


Far From You


Crash Into You


Six Months Later


If I get through more, GREAT! But my hope is to get through these at least. Me and my kindle are going to spend alot of time with each other:)

happy halloween photo: Happy Halloween aafe3f03-4643-4ea3-8fff-c11f009eb87b_zpsfe50fc43.jpg




Heather is a happily married wife & Mom of 2 daughters and three four legged kids. She began her addiction to reading with the Twilight Saga. Mainly she reads anything in the young adult genre and is always on the lookout for the newest bestseller!

7 thoughts on “Netgalley November!

  1. My rating is at 19.5% 😦 I am working to make it better. Good luck, I have a few of those on my shelf too. I am going to my target post tomorrow.


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