Review: The Deception Dance by Rita Stradling

The Deception Dance
Rita Stradling December 16, 2012
Author provided a copy in exchange for an honest review
Pages 446

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After a year of preparation, eighteen year old Raven Smith has researched and planned out every detail of her summer vacation in Europe; those plans DO NOT include boys, romance, or falling in love (definitely not the last one). But, even before the plane touches-down her well-laid plans go dreadfully off-course.

Almost as soon as Raven steps foot onto Rome’s streets, dark, seductive Andras starts showing up at nearly every site Raven visits; Raven finds herself drawn to Andras in a way she’s never been drawn to anyone, while at the same time… well, he terrifies her.

Then in comes Nicholas, an impossible-not-to-like Swedish guy, who is determined to keep Raven away from Andras…

The two guys share a dark secret. Both are determined that Raven never learns the truth. Who can she trust?

If Raven frees herself from the deception twined around her… the most horrifying secret she could uncover, might be her own… her past… who she really is…and how the forces of Hell plan to use her to destroy the future…


The Deception Dance
is a jammed packed paranormal thriller capturing the readers attention from the beginning to the very end.

Stradling pens a novel with more than paranormal thriller elements, The Deception Dance contains aspects of romance, supernatural, and magic while the main protagonist Raven Smith battles the force of good vs. evil while vacationing in Europe – fast paced and far from boring.

The quasi love triangle between Raven, Andras and Nicholas will surely appeal to the reader. Enough drama and tension enhancing the romance angle of the narrative. Raven is drawn to one man for his striking good looks and mutual sexual attraction. Drawn to the other man for his handsome angelic face and sweet disposition. Poor Raven, so many gorgeous men so little time. She is never short of male attention albeit desirable or undesirable, once again adding to the storyline.

“It’s almost as if all the sleazy men in this country attended the same seminar, where they learned that all American women go to Italy to sleep with them. The teacher at the seminar told them, “You don’t need to learn English to seduce an American woman, you only need to learn one word: ‘bella.’ If you say it, their belts will snap and pants fall from their hips. If I ever find that seminar teacher, I’m going to kick him in the shin.”

The narrative takes off from the onset, cools in the middle but really hits its apex when the action kicks in full throttle three quarters toward the end. Stradling is detailed in all areas which adds to the excitement and absorbing storyline as a whole but – editing and shortening the narrative would have made The Deception Dance better, in my opinion. At 446 pages, the readers focus can be a bit challenged with sporadic lulls.

Fans of paranormal, romance and fantasy will enjoy reading this action packed story. Loads of twists and turns, right amount of romance and a great ending. I am looking forward to reading the sequel The Lie Spinners, I am certain it will be as exciting and thrilling as The Deception Dance unequivocally.

4 stars



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