Guest Post for Erasing: Shadows by KD Rose

Instead of getting windy with words I thought I would sneak you a peak at the beginning of Erasing: Shadows, just to get you going. Shhhhh- don’t tell anyone!
       “Mira Ross whistled in the kitchen to her three-year-old son, Brandon. A blonde-haired woman who looked barely forty in a beautiful way, she moved gracefully, even when washing dishes. Mira also occasionally sang to Brandon while doing the dishes. Her son cooed from his baby bouncer. His “ooh, ooh” baby sounds warmed her heart. She had just started the second verse when it struck her as odd that he had stopped mid “ooh.” As she turned around—some objective part of her realized that if she weren’t seeing this, she would never have believed it—Brandon’s physical body started disappearing in front of her. At first, Mira was paralyzed. His head had already turned trans- lucent amidst the rest of the kitchen, then actually disappeared. The rest of Brandon appeared ghostly, as if he were traversing between this world and another. Instinctively, Mira frantically threw herself around him, but it didn’t make any difference.His arms evaporated in front of her eyes, and then his trunk just disappeared, leaving a faint afterglow. In despair, and crying, she grasped hold of his legs and pulled them to her. Until now, she hadn’t been able to get a word out. As his legs started to evaporate as well, she held on anyway and grabbed his little red tennis shoes, hard. “Not my baby!” She wailed as she clutched the shoe with anger. Then the right shoe disappeared. Mira felt a tug as she watched the last ankle go, the left shoe still limp in her hand. A blood-curdling scream rent the air.
It came from her.”
Erasing: Shadows is the perfect Holiday gift, especially for any mature teen or new adult. You can find Erasing: Shadows here: for now. After December 18, you can find it on Amazon and all major book outlets.
KD Rose, Author
KDs newest book, Erasing: Shadows,
a Paranormal/New Adult book ,
releases December 18! Pre-orders start December 7!
New Author for Lycaon Press
Twitter- @kdrose1

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