Discussion: Ereaders & Ebooks

Sams Ramblings

My name is Sam and I own an ereader. I have owned my nook for a year now, and I absolutely love it! Since I’ve owned it people have told me that I’m not a real reader, that i’m a traitor and recently someone told me that I’m “nothing but a rider of the apocalypse, out to bring an end to the world of printed books!’’ While I do give them points for creativity for the last comment, people take this war between ebooks and physical books way too far. I really don’t care where are story comes from, I just want to read it!

Just because I am a lover of ebooks, that doesn’t mean I hate physical copies. I love holding a book in my hand, and even though I have to wait I love going home to see a package of books waiting for me. And I love taking off the dust jackets of hardcovers to see the bindings underneath. Like most people the possibility that physical books might one day go extinct is pretty scary, but even if that happens there will still be people in this world who have stories to write and as readers we should support them! While I love ebooks the main reason I buy is because they are cheap. Recently the prices of books have gotten really expensive, or at least to me. Unless this book is bound in real leather, and edged in gold I will not spend 15 dollars on it!! I buy books wherever I can get them cheap, and majority of the time even if these books are on sale the ebooks are cheaper or sometimes even free!

I’m a college student, who just about every single day has to lug around a bag filled with heavy books, folders, and binders and the last thing I want to do is add another book to the chaos. So carrying around my nook is Ideal especially because I can put it in the pocket of my hoodies. Also with my nook I read so much faster! It keeps me from skimming ahead which is a bad habit of mine that I always do when reading a physical copy and  because I like swiping along to the next page. But with larger books, my eyes jump ahead to paragraphs and lines and then I need to go back and re-establish myself. When I do buy physical copies of books I buy online, because they are cheaper than going to a bookstore, but I hate waiting for them to arrive. I constantly sit in front of my laptop tracking the shipment until it arrives on my doorstep, but with ebooks in less than a minute I’m reading the book that I just bought. I also I love the I can read in public without somebody trying to sneak a peek at the cover! I read a lot of books that I wouldn’t dare read in public unless it wasn’t on my ereader, some covers are just too embarrassing.

Even though I love my nook there are some cons. I have to charge it, just like every other electronic thing I own. When I drop it, there’s a chance it could break or the screen will crack. Most of the books are purchase are independently published and might not have a cover. And for me that’s where the cons end.

Having an Ereader just makes my life more convenient, and makes it that I have more money in my pocket.



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