Bookish Resolutions!

            Sams Ramblings              2013 was a good year for me, I have no complaints. It was an even better reading wise, I read the most books ever in my life! With a new year there are also new resolutions. I decided not to do a personal resolution this year, and just decided to be happy. Happy with life, surround myself with people that make me happy, and to remember if something bad happens that it won’t last forever and that sooner or later I will be happy again. So this year to replace my personal resolutions, I thought it would be good to have some bookish resolutions. Resolutions to challenge myself all year and to hopefully broaden my horizons and bring down my TBR.

             1. I want to read 72 books. I read 96 last year so I’m sure I’ll be able to accomplish this challenge, and out of the 72 books I want to read I want at least half of them to be ebooks. In the year that I have owned my Nook I have gained over 1000 ebooks, luckily for my wallet I can say I did even buy half of them!

             2. I want to read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. This series has been sitting on my shelf just collecting dust for about a year, I hear absolutely nothing but good things about this series and even better things about the spin-off.

             3.  I want to finish at least 3 series. Most of the books in my collection are series and majority of them are already completed.

            4. I want to read books outside my comfort zone. I have been stuck in a YA bubble since I was 13, and I realized if I continue to just read YA I’m being close-minded and not giving myself the full opportunity to experience amazing stories and authors.

            5. I want to read A Game of Thrones. I started this book last year and got through 25% of it and then I put it down and never picked it back up. But it is so good and I need to finish it

            6. I want to read the Harry Potter series. The fact that I haven’t read this series yet is RIDICULOUS!

Those are my Bookish Resolutions, I don’t think they are too crazy and I’m very confident that by the time 2015 rolls around they will be accomplished. Good luck on your resolutions and happy reading!



3 thoughts on “Bookish Resolutions!

  1. I left the YA zone for a few books. Some were disappointments. Others left me feeling like I expanded my genre a little bit. Since I started blogging I’ve. Def challenged my ‘go to’ romance selection to other genres that I normally wouldn’t have bother with. For me it makes me feel well rounded.


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