Book Tour: Inside Passage by Burt Weissbourd


15757195Inside Passage
Burt Weissbourd
A Vireo Book (February 19, 2013)
Pages 268
A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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Corey Logan was set up. She knows Nick Season’s terrible secret. Coming home from prison, all Corey wants is to be with her son. To get him back, she needs to make a good impression on the psychiatrist evaluating her. But Dr. Abe Stein doesn’t believe she was framed–until his well-heeled mother falls for the charming state attorney general candidate, Nick Season. 

As the dogs of war are unleashed, Corey and her son run for their lives–taking her boat up the Pacific Northwest’s remote Inside Passage. Inside Passage is the first in Weissbourd’s haunting, heart-stirring Corey Logan trilogy.

I love sinking my teeth into an engrossing thriller and I am pleased Burt Weissbourd delivered with his riveting page turner Inside Passage.

From the first page Inside Passage had me hooked! I could not put this book down and gobbled it up in a matter of hours. I will confess – half way through, I was completely invested in Corey Logan’s plight I had to restrain myself from cheating by reading the last few pages. I exercised my willpower and refrained, it was worth every page turned, the journey was enjoyed.

Inside Passage is a thriller from the start and doesn’t let up. Its exciting narrative and the characters cause the emotionally involved reader great stress as we sit at the edge of our seat reading with great anticipation of what will unfold. I haven’t read such a well written thriller in a long time. I can’t wait to read the next two installments in this trilogy, I just hope Weissbourd doesn’t make me wait too long.

Corey Logan is smart, savvy, and tough. A woman running for her life with her son Billy. The reunion between these two is affecting. Nick Season has inflicted and continues to torment Corey and her son. He is one slimy, crafty character, a loathsome creature. So much damage has been done to Corey and Billy you really hope they can make up all the wrongs they have endured. Poor Billy, his life has been turned upside, you hope he can salvage some semblance of normalcy in his world. Dr Abe Stein is a warrior, and he is more than willing to help Corey, his altruism is endearing, he is an all around great guy – the polar opposite of the disquieted Nick.

Inside Passage forced me to consider Corey’s situation. Nick a man of influence easily framed Corey. I kept thinking this scenario could happen to anyone at anytime, angering the wrong person can have dire repercussions. Planting evidence, a cover up, bribery, undesirable associates to perform despicable deeds – it really isn’t that difficult for a person of influence with unsavory connections to cause serious damage, especially where there is virtually ‘no proof’ because it was so well manipulated and orchestrated. Very scary thought.

Weissbourd artfully weaved in splashes of Greek mythology throughout the narrative, which added interest and a spark to an already electrifying plot, I enjoyed this direction immensely.

Inside Passage hit all the hallmarks of a great read for me, writing, characterization, narrative and a titillating ending. Riveting story from the first paragraph, definitely add this book to your TBR. Very excited to see what is in store for Corey Logan and the entire trilogy from Burt Weissbourd.

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