Review: The Expendable Man by Peter G. Pollak

imageThe Expendable Man
Peter G. Pollack
Expendable Man Publishing (March 24, 2011)
Pages  308
A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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Nick Grocchi, who has been sentenced to prison in Turkmenistan for a crime he did not commit, wakes up in a hospital in the U.S. where he’s about to be subjected to an ultra-experimental genetic protocol in attempt to save his life.

Yet, if the treatment cures him, not only does he face being sent back to Turkmenistan to finish his prison sentence, and a powerful U.S. political figure has taken steps to assure that Nick does not uncover the truth about who framed him and why.

The Expendable Man is a fast-paced political thriller that will keep you up past your bedtime.

The Expendable Man is true to its genre – it is a thrill a minute. One fast pace read, you will be completely absorbed by this intriguing story.

 I enjoyed several features of Pollak’s novel. I was caught up in the swiftness of the narrative, very fast moving story which adds to the subdued excitement. Having the government/political facet and the main protagonist of savvy and sharp businessman Nick Grocchi created a interesting angle. Grocchi is calm and intelligent, mysterious but basically a simple, humble man. Wouldn’t mind seeing him appear as a character in future projects. Pollak is a green author, difficult to tell by his tight writing and smooth storyline, great debut novel.

Pollak took a rather gutsy approach with his narrative. A ‘secret medical gene therapy’ was a large part of the storyline. I applaud Pollak’s creativity, as a result I find myself sitting on the fence. It is original but I found my mind reaching depths to find it plausible. My indifference shouldn’t take away from the authors style, it’s just a matter of my personal likes. No doubt readers will find the ‘gene therapy’ unique and genius. Original, innovative narrative and author – both welcomed.

The Expendable Man will appeal to fans of thrillers, promising to be worth your time. I look forward to reading more from this daring, talented author.



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