First Ever NR Reviewers ARC Read A-Long, PLEASE VOTE!!

Hello there lovely readers/followers!

ARC Read A-Long

We have decided that we, as reviewers of NR would like to do a reviewer’s Read-A-Long for the month of March.

So, here is how it will go….

See the poll down below…

we want you photo: We Want You WeWantYou.png

to vote which ARC we will be reading:)

We will then try to fill up the month with tidbits from the book, author interviews, possibly a giveaway??? We shall see??

We will post something every Wednesday regarding our progress with a final review from each of us that are participating on the last Wednesday of the month.

If all runs smoothly and we enjoy it, this may become a permanent fixture here on the blog???

So, your job is to VOTE!!! Go on….

Vote now!!!

The poll will be up for One  Week, after which, the book with the most votes will be our first NR Reviewers Read-A-Long book!

I’m excited….Are you??

h. Lee

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