Blog Tour: See Jane Run by Hannah Jayne & Divergent Read A-Long Wrap Up!

17586462See Jane Run by Hannah Jayne

Published January 7, 2014 by Sourcebooks Fire

288 Pages

I know who you are.

When Riley first gets the postcard tucked into her bag, she thinks it’s a joke. Then she finds a birth certificate for a girl named Jane Elizabeth O’Leary hidden inside her baby book.

Riley’s parents have always been pretty overprotective. What if it wasn’t for her safety…but fear of her finding out their secret? What have they been hiding? The more Riley digs for answers, the more questions she has.

The only way to know the truth? Find out what happened to Jane O’Leary.

Praise for Truly, Madly, Deadly

“A fast-paced thriller.”–Kirkus Reviews

“What a ride! Full of twists and turns — including an ending you won’t see coming!”–April Henry, New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die

My Thoughts

Hannah Jayne is superb at writing YA mysteries. I had first Read Truly, Madly, Deadly and as soon as I spotted this book, I was intrigued enough to want to read it too!

The main character of Riley finds a birth certificate in her parent’s bedroom for an Elizabeth Jane. Her best friend, Shelby, comes up with all these elaborate scenarios about Riley’s parents but Riley cannot imagine any of them being true. Riley would like to forget that she found the piece of paper but she keeps receiving these strange post cards. So, she starts to investigate. Throw in a hot boy named JD and this book was a “shoo in” for fantastic!

Let’s start off with Shelby. She was hilarious. A little “over the top” but that is just how I love my best friends in books! I believe that she is really the person that convinces Riley that she has to investigate when she tells Riley that she has to ask her parents for her birth certificate and see what happens. This starts the whirlwind of complications.

I think that my favorite aspect of this book was the road trip!!! Yes, you heard me right…there is a road trip in this book where Riley goes with the school for the weekend to check out a college but, she finds herself going off course and doing something that she didn’t think she would ever do. This is where JD comes into play.

JD was definitely swoony! He is portrayed to be a “bad boy” but he is far from it. He is sweet and caring towards Riley when really she at first just wants him to keep his distance. I’m glad he didn’t though! And I really enjoyed that this was not love at first sight but the two characters getting to know each other over a small course of time.

This brings us to Riley. She is a “good girl”, always obeying her parents and let me tell you, they are strict with all kind of crazy rules for her. That should have been her first clue.

I really enjoyed this book and was sucked in from the first few pages. If you enjoy mysteries, action, romance and drama, then pick this one up. At only 288 pages, it is a quick read that will leave you guessing until the very end.


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Divergent Button

Last week:(

It is kind of bitter-sweet!

So sha-bam! That ending was NOT what I expected. What were your thoughts on the ending???

The ending was sad. Tris really has herself in some hot water now.

Thoughts on the serum used to make the Divergent robotic. What were you thinking while reading that scene?

Honestly, I kept thinking that Tris was going to be all alone and have to deal with this all herself. Up until that point, we still didn’t know if Four was Divergent or not?

My Favorite Quote. What’s yours?

“I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest.”

So, with that in mind, did you love the book?

This is actually my second time reading the book and I honestly loved it even more this time around!

Are you going to see the movie?

YES!!! And I cannot wait!!! I may even go opening night:)

I want to thank those of you have followed along for our first read a-long this month! Our next read a-long will be held in April and I am thinking The Fault In Our Stars?? Your thoughts??

Don’t forget to leave your comment and enter the giveaway:)

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2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: See Jane Run by Hannah Jayne & Divergent Read A-Long Wrap Up!

  1. The ending was very surprising. I was upset. I thought that Tris would be caught by the Dauntless during the serum invasion. I love every line of this book; Roth is an excellent writer!! I’ve also read the book before, and enjoyed it just as much, if not more, as I did the first time I read it. And, yes, me and my fellow Divergent-obsessed best friend want to buy tickets for the early showing of the movie. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!


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