Review: Fighting for Irish (Fighting for Love #3) by Gina L. Maxwell

FI_300Fighting for Irish (Fighting for Love #3)
Gina L. Maxwell
Entangled: Brazen January 13th 2014
Pages 250
ISBN 9781622664276
A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review
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Kat MacGregor has forty-eight hours to make good on the debt her ex-boyfriend owes a crime boss. Unfortunately, the measly tips she makes waitressing are barely enough for her to live on, much less cover the twenty-thousand needed to keep her breathing. With time running out, Kat ‘s forced to accept help from the only man who’s ever made her feel fire rather than fear.

When he learns a friend’s sister is in trouble, former Boston MMA fighter Aiden “Irish” O’Brien heads to Louisiana to offer himself up as collateral to keep her safe. But to satisfy the debt, he has to do the one thing he swore hed never do again: fight. With more than just money on the line, will Irish have what it takes to not only reclaim the man he once was, but become the man he needs to be for the woman he can’t live without?

Maxwell was deferential in dealing with Kat’s past sexual abuse. She approached a fragile subject matter with seriousness and respect managing to weave its delicate and long lasting scars into both character and narrative. Very well done.

Both characters are appealing. Kat and her past, her attempt to build intimacy. Her ability to take baby steps and slowly trust and open her heart to Aiden. Heartbreaking when she was able to disclose bits of her past. As she becomes more familiar to the reader you really hope she can trust and believe in men. Strong young lady surviving a tough past. You feel the long lasting damage sexual abuse victims face, painful to comprehend.

“Kat swallowed hard and took a deep breath to try and settle her nerves. At the end of the night, if Irish was still standing at all, she’d consider it a success.
If he wasn’t, it would be her fault and she’d never forgive herself for endangering the only man to have ever shown her any compassion.”

“He might be a lot of things, but a man who took advantage of a woman wasn’t one of them. Being raised by his mother and helping care for two sisters ensured he acted like a gentleman, even if he’d never looked like one.”

Aiden what a dream. A man that respects and cherishes women. Fantastic communicator. Fearless when it comes to Kat’s past and her current issues. He is sensitive but strong. He is vulnerable. The man is the total package. I cannot say enough about awesome Aiden.

“Aiden’s mom had raised him to know that a man’s place was to protect and cherish the women in his life. He couldn’t fathom consciously choosing to harm a woman in any way. It was not only despicable, but inexcusable.”

I was thrilled when this couple fed off of their attraction BUT didn’t ‘rush’ into a intimate relationship right away. Aiden’s honesty in regards to his ‘one night’ request was great! How many men are honest in this particular area? Yeah, very few if any.

Another positive was the fact they BOTH had a past and as they began to trust BOTH slowly revealed their issues. Loved the way there were able to have a sexual dialog, most couples find discussing sex difficult, embarrassing, thankfully these two are an exception. The pace of their relationship was great! Maxwell out did herself.

“It must have been the intensity that had set her off. With a past like hers, it wasn’t natural to trust a man. Wasn’t natural to believe he’d only take as much as she was willing to give.” 

Great couple with challenging issues as their story is revealed in a enjoyable narrative.

“There’s no life for me anymore without you, Kat. I’ll protect you until my very last breath. I swear it.”




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