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Alejandro's Book Corner


This is a new feature here at NightlyReading where Alejandro will give suggestions of books that he has found. This will include different genres featured each week. I hope you enjoy, please let him know your thoughts by posting a comment or visiting his Goodreads page:


Continuing with the cycle of Detective novels , this week I will comment about certain range of detectives that in my opinion, they don’t apply to other typical genres of detectives, since they are not amateurs as the case of “Cozy Mysteries” ( commented 2 weeks ago ), they have some have military training , or being reporters, may have some technical knowledge or were police officers, and they are not now, they don’t represent any law enforcement agency, not bearing a badge and neither are licensed for private detective and therefore they do not charge for their services. Usually, they don’t go looking to solve crimes, they are in the midst of the situation against their wishes, but due that they have a high sense of justice, so they cannot avoid getting involved in the case to prevent some innocent person may be unjustly accused . Another difference with respect to “cozy mysteries” is that in these books are more likely, and even almost certain that besides the murder case who initiates the investigation, there is more action or other moments of physical danger during the development of the case

“Jack Reacher”

British author Jim Grant under the pseudonym of “Lee Child”, he created a series of books focusing on the character of “Jack Reacher”. This character was part of the Military Police for 13 years , winning nearly every major medals, reaching the rank of Major and forming part of the unit ( fictional ) 110th Special Investigations Unit dedicated to complex cases relating to U.S. Army Special Forces soliders. When he reaches the age of 36 years decided to resign from the army and began to wander the country, usually traveling by bus or hitchhiking , accepting odd jobs, in the middle of that, he is involved against his will in dangerous cases that he decides to solve due his high sense of justice. The books have been extremely popular reaching 18 novels and 6 short stories and it was announced that will be released soon the 19th book. Its impact has been such that even Stephen King mentioned “Jack Reacher” in his novel “Under the Dome” calling him the toughest soldier who ever lived.

In 2013, it was made ​​a film called “Jack Reacher” using elements of the plot of the 9th book titled “One Shot” with Tom Cruise in the starring role, but the actor didn’t adjutst to the description of the character in the books ( 1.96mts tall, 115 kilos of pure muscle weight , ice-blue eyes and “dirty” blonde hair ) , however it had the endorsement of the author to play the character in the film.

“Charlie Fox”

Zoe Sharp is a British investigative reporter that after receiving death threats because of her work, she decided to start writing a series of novels by creating the character of “Charlie Fox”, whose full name is Charlotte Fox, who after being expelled from the Special Forces British Army, now dedicated to teaching self-defense to women. She is also a skilled motorcycle pilot. Usually she is involved in cases where women are threatened and / or unjustly accused. The books have been well received and so far have been published 10 novels, one anthology of 5 short stories plus 2 additional stories also.

“Dave Gurney”

The author John Verdon has recently begun to gain notoriety through the creation of his character “Dave Gurney” which is a retired detective from the NYPD, that in his career he won a reputation for catching serial killers. Dave Gurney now just wants to enjoy his pension in the rural area of New York and spending time with his wife, but he is consistently called as a consultant on difficult cases and / or is involved against his will in the cases. From 2010 to date have been published 4 novels so far.

“Irene Kelly”

The author Jan Burke created the character of “Irene Kelly” that is a fearless investigative reporter of Southern California, which is dedicated to investigate all kind of cases, as well as current ones as unresolved old ones, where there is usually very frightening and dangerous elements. The novels have proven very popular and published 11 books in the series.

“Colonel Race”

The master of suspense, Agatha Christie, created many different detectives, and one of the most unique was the Colonel Race, an enigmatic millionaire, retired military and former member of MI5. He appeared in 4 novels, two of them next to the famous detective Hercule Poirot, establishing a friendship with that character.

See you next week!



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