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Published March 14, 2014

My  life  was  changing,  morphing  into  something  greater  than  I  could  have  anticipated.  I  was becoming  something  I  didn’t  recognise  as  myself  anymore.  A  Werewolf.

I  was  different.
‘Hybrid’  was  what  they  called  me,  and  the  weight  that  rested  against  that  one  word  was crippling.  They  depended  on  me  to  bring  them  safety.  What  made  me  so  special?
Oh,  that’s  right.  My  destiny.
I  was  sucked  into  a  world  I’d  had  no  idea  existed.  Twenty-one  years  as  a  human,  and  this was  what  I  found  out.
My  travelling  plans,  my  writing  degree,  all  of  it  was  gone  within  one  night.  One  evil  night that  robbed  my  humanity.
I  wasn’t  completely  sour.  Life  had  been  unfair  a  while  ago,  only  now  I’d  had  something worth  fighting  for  besides  myself.  Something  to  live  for.
I  was  afraid  for  the  others.  I  couldn’t  let  them  down.  I  wouldn’t  let  them  down.
I’d  gone  to  bed  a  human  and  woken  up  a  Werewolf.
A  special  Werewolf.
A  Hybrid.

My Thoughts

At first the book started out slow for me. I enjoy getting the back story but cannot WAIT for the action and drama to present itself. It didn’t take long for the story to grow and suck up my interest.

I very much enjoyed Luna, whom is the main character of the story. Luna is stunning. She is the type of person whom you really want for a friend. One whom will stand behind you even if she has to fight for her life just to save yours. She develops as a character throughout the book as she makes some big changes with her life.

Luna also has quite the love interest in Riley. His character is young but he is wise way beyond his years. I really enjoyed his quiet moments alone with Luna and can tell that there will be great things to come from these two being together:) Riley is smart, fierce and quite handsome. He also is very protective over his family which is a huge reason of why I loved him so much!

This is definitely not your typical werewolf read and I cannot express enough of how much I loved this book! I found myself thinking about it even hours after I finished reading. I was drawn to the pages and had a hard time putting it down. There were surprises around every corner and I cannot wait to see where this story leads with the next installment!

Kudos to Ms. Winter’s for creating a fresh new YA story that I will definitely be telling all of my friends about!


Author Interview

1.Why  werewolves?  What  is  it  about  them  that  made  you  want  to  write  about  them?
There’s  something   really  yummy  about  the  supernatural  that  captivates  me.  Superpowers  entice  the  creativity  in  me,  and  I’ve  always  wanted  to  be  something  better  than  I  am.  Like  Buffy.  You  know,  all  ass-kicking  and  save-the-world-even-though-nobody-knows  type.  Werewolves  had  always  been  these  ugly,  all-teeth  creatures  until  recently,  and  that’s  when   I  realised  how  utterly  scrumptious   they  can  be.  I’m  talking  six-packs,  abs-to-die-for,  bulging  arms  and  that  strong  sense  of  family.  For  me,  it’s  alluring  and  I  hope  to  capture  that  in  my  writing.

2.Did  you  always  dream  of  becoming  a  writer  or  was  there  something  else  on  your  agenda?
Growing  up  I  had  so  many  ideas  as  to  what  I was  going  to  be.  It  started  with  being  a  paramedic  and  saving  people’s  lives  like  my  father,  until  I  passed  out  from  the  sight  of  blood  –  that  was  a  no-go.  Then,  I  was  determined  to  be  an  actress.  I  went  through  school  preparing  for  auditions,   gaining  the  relevant  qualifications  and  taking  trips  to  London  regularly,  but  that  didn’t  happen  either.  Writing  hasn’t  been  something  I  planned  to  do  since  a  young  age,  but  in  recent  years  it  became  my  escape  and  therapy.  Now,  I  wouldn’t  dream  of  doing  anything  else,  writing  to  see  the  enjoyment  in  readers  is  more  than  fulfilling.  It   makes  me  feel  like I’m  on  the  right  path.

3.Your  favourite  book  of  all  time?  (This  one  is  tough,  I  know)
Oh,  gosh.  This  is  the  toughest  question.  Do  I  have  to  answer?  Haha.  Honestly,  I’m  not  sure  if  I  do   have  a  favourite  book  of  all  time.  There  are  so  many  great  authors  and  masterpieces  out  there   that  I’m  keeping  an  open  mind  to  find  the  one.  It  seems  like  I’m  searching  for  that  special  relationship,  you  know,  where  the  girl  searches  for  that  special  guy? That’s  like  me,  but  with  books.  That  sounds  completely  nerdy,  right?

4.What  authors  influence  you  and  why?
I  have  plenty  of  mainstream  authors  that  inspire  me,  but  it’s  those  in  the  indie  scene  that  grab  my  attention  the  most  these  days.  It’s  like  a  big  community  of   awesome  authors  encouraging  each  other  to do  well.  Heather  Hildenbrand  especially;  if  I   could  be  as  cool  as  her,  I’d  call  my  life   a  success!  Seriously,  she  rocks.

5.One  last  fun  question…If  you  could  be  a  character  of  any  book,  who  would  you  be  and  why?
I  guess  it’s  super  cheesy  if  I  said  one  of  my  own,  right? OK…*scratches  head  in  concentration*  I  think  I’d  choose  Sookie  Stackhouse  from  Charlaine  Harris’  True  Blood  series.  I  mean,  microwave  fingers  and  the  chance  to  know  that  many  hot   supernatural  guys  that  all  want  her?  Uh,  yes  please!  Don’t  even  get  me  started  on  Joe  Manganiello’s  Alcide  Herveaux…Phwoar!

About the Author

I’ve  always  lived  a  life  based  on  my  imagination,  from  hopeless  dreams  of  romanceJW  to  concocting  alternate  realities  involving  supernaturals.  I’m  completely  fascinated  with  anything  hero-related,  and  often  speculate  which  superpower  I’d  possess.  I  haven’t  settled  on  one  yet.

I  was  born  in   England,  and  currently  reside  in  Wales,  UK.  I  love  to  write,  and  most  days  you’ll  find  me  happily  tapping  away  at  the  computer  whilst  in  my  pyjama-clad  bubble.  I  also  spend  my  time  reading,  and  if  that  isn’t  enough  I’m  often  in  the  kitchen  baking  up  a  treat.

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