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Alejandro's Book CornerThis is a new feature here at NightlyReading where Alejandro will give suggestions of books that he has found. This will include different genres featured each week. I hope you enjoy, please let him know your thoughts by posting a comment or visiting his Goodreads page:


There is still some about the detective cycle, but as usual, at the end of the month, I pause to comment on new books on the market, and always trying to be as varied as possible to cover most of the book tastes.

“The Martian”

Debutant writer Andy Weir, published by the February 11th, 2014, a science fiction novel entitled “The Martian “, since its publication, it has become “viral ” the reading of this book and I would not be surprised if it would to be one of the strong contenders in the year-end awards on Goodreads in the category of science fiction.

Astronaut Mark Watney, the central character of the book, is the first man to set foot on Mars and now is very likely to be the first man to die in that world. A dust storm threatens the ship that he arrived with his crew, and in the midst of the emergency, it must launched believing him dead . Knowing that any rescue mission can take years, it depends on his knowledge in engineering, to find a way to survive on a planet that has not been designed to support human life.

Curiously, the book is described as a cross between ” Apollo 13″ and “Cast Away”, unless they intend already to cast Tom Hanks for the very likely film adaptation , I honestly think this book holds more similar to “Gravity “, which it’s a more recent film that has a plot too similar. Simply bringing the problem of surviving to the next logical step of difficulty.

night broken_front mech.indd
“Night Broken”

The popular writer Patricia Briggs returns with the eighth book of her series “Mercy Thompson” published on March 11th, 2014 under the title “Broken Night”. This time Mercy Thompson, Half-Indian from Blackfoot tribe, mechanic and also a “Walker”, with the power to shift into a coyote, now faces a threat too close for comfort. The ex-girlfriend of her current partner, Adam, achieves a false story seeking shelter in the werewolf pack where Adam is, and plans to put the pack against Mercy.

“Mercy Thompson” series is one of the most currently popular in the genre of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels.

“Donners of the Dead”

Best-selling author Karina Halle, published on February 23rd, 2014, a novel called “Donners of the Dead” which is not part of any of her series, and is a self-contained story.

Set in 1851, Eve Smith is the main character of the book, which is a 18 year old half Indian, who is hired as a tracker for a group of several cowboys including two Texas Rangers, who plan to seek an expedition that got lost in the high mountains. However in those mountains lives something sinister, evil like they have never seen at that time.

I’ve read this novel and highly recommend it, the plot is fictional but is based on real facts about the Donner Expedition that was lost in the Sierra Nevada and years later came to light stories about cannibalism.

“Honor Among Thieves”

This is the second novel in the book event “Empire and Rebellion” of Star Wars where they will be 3 books, each focusing on each of the “Big Three”, Luke , Leia, Han. Leia ‘s book was published last year, and now March 4th, 2014, the author James SA Corey published the second book focused on Han Solo, entitled ” Honor Among Thieves” .

The plot is set in the middle of the events of Episode IV “A New Hope” and Episode V “The Empire Strikes Back” and oddly placed before the events in the book about Leia, meaning that although it is the second book of the event, occurs before the first book.

Han Solo is assigned to extract a spy, Scarlet Hark, from a planet within Imperial territory, but when he does that, the mission is complicated and mutates into a search for a new weapon of the Empire that threatens to cripple the spaceways.

I’ve read this book, and personally I did not like. While the first novel about Leia was pretty good. This book fails to highlight Han Solo, since Scarlet Hark, the new character is like a fusion of Han and Leia. This tends to leave Han Solo in the background, and there is also a new bounty hunter without spoiler anything, will play a role too similar to Han Solo too, so between Hark and the other character, really is very little Han was able to do.

“No Time like the Past”

The author Greg Cox published Feb. 25th, 2014 , a novel of “Star Trek” where the character “Seven of Nine ” on “Star Trek : Voyager” series travels back in time and encounters with Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Original Series .

I’ve read this book and it is extremely good. I did not think it was going to be something beyond of an entertaining novel for Trekkers due the “crossover” Seven of Nine in the time of “Star Trek: The Original Series”. But I found myself happily surprised that this book instead of employing a sales gimmick, it’s really a respectful tribute to the TV seasons of the Original Series, where Captain Kirk and his crew must cooperate with the mysterious “Dr. Annika Seven” in seeking several pieces of an unknown technology with capabilities of space-time travel and they will visit again several planets that were in the original series.

Highly recommended for fans of the Original Series and/or science fiction stories involving time-travel.

“Out of the Shadows”

This novel published on January 28th, 2014, by the author Tim Lebbon is part of the universe of the franchise “Alien”. What makes it different this book from previously published novels, is that for the first time have been stated that this book is canon, forming an official part of the franchise “Alien”. This decision will definitely help the book sales.

The novel “Alien: Out of the Shadows” is set in the middle of the events from the first film “Alien” and its sequel “Aliens”, bridging events for both films.

“The Fall of the Governor” Part 2

The mega popular writer Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic book series “The Walking Dead”, from which the current TV series of the same name was inspired, rejoins Jay Bonansinga for the final book in the book series about the Governor, popular villain who has appeared in both the original version of the comic book, as in the television adaptation. On March 4th, 2014, it’s published the fourth and final part of the saga of the Governor which was developed in the form of prose novels.

“Honor’s Knight”

In a previous post, I commented on the first book in this new series of science fiction by writer Rachel Bach. The saga “Paradox” began in November last year (2013) with book “Fortune’s Pawn”. Now, on February 25th, comes the second book in the series entitled “Honor’s Knight”. Devi Morris, the main character, comes back and things are not going well for Devi, now she sees things no one else sees it, the black stain on her hand is growing and now she has a relationship with the cook of the ship that she is supposed to hate.

“Murder of Crows”

Prolific author Anne Bishop started a new series of books last year (2013) titled “The Others” with the first novel “Written in Red”. The main character is Meg Corbyn is a “cassandra sangue” a person who can see the future when she is cut and blood comes out. In the previous book she could escape from her captor had to know their visions of the future. Since then, Meg has had to live in the controlled sector by the Others.

On March 4th, 2014, Anne Bishop published the second book in the series entitled “Murder of Crows”. On this occasion, two drugs are threatening both humans and the Others, and Meg is in the middle and has a new vision.

See you next week!


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