Review: Conversations with Mom: An Aging Baby Boomer, in Need of an Elder, Writes to Her Dead Mother by Betsy Robinson

12086536Conversations with Mom: An Aging Baby Boomer,
in Need of an Elder, Writes to Her Dead Mother
Betsy Robinson
Betsy Robinson June 20, 2011
Pages 102
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A funny and moving little book for anyone who’s struggled with being human.

At the age of sixty, Betsy Robinson craved an elder to advise her about her unemployment, her fears, and her shame. Who better to call on than her dead mother … who had once before made her spirit presence known. In this work of fiction, based on an archive of letters, stories, and more, Robinson and her dead mother continue the writing partnership and collaboration that forged their unique friendship.

Who is this book for and why would people like it?

Conversations with Mom offers some wisdom to people of every age, but particularly to those of us who expect that we should be mentors or crones or at least grown-ups by the time we are on the cusp of being really old. It’s a book for people who enjoy introspection and prefer difficult truths to shallow explanations.

I couldn’t write a review worthy of praising Betsy Robinson’s book Conversations with Mom but I will certainly make every attempt. Betsy poses questions to her long deceased mother, as well as sharing her insecurities and dilemmas in order to see clarity. Questions and conundrums we have all at one time or another asked ourselves or will question in the future – Has what I’ve done in my life mattered? Now that I’m sixty years old, and looking back on my life, has it been worthwhile? It is a beautiful exchange of love, candid responses and humor. It is so personal and so very touching. This book struck home for me in so many ways, I will cherish this read forever.

Conversations with Mom is a book deserving of recognition. It is a sleeper that needs to be noticed. I guarantee you will be impressed by both content and writing style.

If you are fortunate to have that one person in your life that’s your go to in the good and bad times life delivers – hug them. If you have lost your anchor – this book will mean the world to you and serve as a constant reminder they might not be here on earth but they have not left you.

Poignant questions with responses deserving notice. An absolutely lovely joyful read, unique. Conversations with Mom is now a favorite of mine. This book will be revisited many times in my lifetime. Just can’t say/write enough about this book or the talent and creativity of Betsy Robinson.




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